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I opened Facebook one afternoon after my drama rehearsal. Tired from the bustle of Lagos city, thank heavens for BRT but the stress was still a factor. I scrolled through the content of my news feed to relieve stress when I saw a post by Strive Mayisawa about their new project on a global TV called Kwesé TV. I was captivated by the whole idea behind the invention and wondered when I would ever think of such brilliant ideas. Happy for them but somehow I felt empty about myself even though I had a deep seethed faith I was making changes in the right direction.

After thinking in this negatively depressing way for a while, I decided actively that feeling that way wasn’t healthy for growth, I thought to myself “I have to learn something from this situation.” So, I separated my body from my mind and had a conversation with myself, what we call “Character construction and deconstruction in theatre” The insight I got is what I am about to share with us today.

First, I looked at this man and had to ask “how long had he come to achieve this, what must have been the setbacks for him and his team, how much work and investment had he put to bring the project to this stage?” To be sincere, I could in no way answer this for uneasy they say lays the head that wears the crown.

And just as I was, so are many out there who are put down by the sheer success they perceive of others. If you have been there at once or just reading for fun, it’s all good. We just need to know it’s not totally bad to feel like this at times, life’s moments are full of the good, the bad, the ugly and the grotesque. Rather what we should stand against is letting this distort our own reality about us and our attitude towards the success of others.

As youths and adults struggling with different stages on our road to self discovery and actualization, we could find ourselves in this pit of self-washing where we lose sight of the commitment we have made so far and benchmark our results with the standards others have set for themselves. In a bid to seek for greatness, we forget that there is the place of nursery for every plant before grooming.

There is the place for breaking, molding, sculpting; of early rise and fall; of purpose definition before actualization. But when confronted with other people’s success, our reasoning is marred and we begin to witch-hunt ourselves to an end that both endanger our confidence and zeal to work it out and our relationship with others.
When this sets in, it is worthy that we sit and understand that before we can soar we must crawl. The process is both long and likely to be uneasy but we mustn’t give up on what we’ve started at the slightest confrontation with other’s achievement. Rather, it is a call for us to gird our belt with hard work and optimism. That we don’t have today is a sign that tomorrow could be different and only our zeal of never to let negativism derail us from the days of our struggle can help us conquer.

To strive is to try very had to do or achieve something. As it were, we haven’t got much opportunity awaiting us, but this mustn’t put us back. Many essay have been written in support of not giving up but we are saying “don’t just stay put, rather give it an extra push to get you beyond the next mile. it’s not just about us not relenting upon our effort but that we use zest and tenacity to make certain we not only cross the finish line but “stand and having done all, stand”

To us who have a purpose and a vision to make our sojourn here of value, we say cheers!!! Don’t stop now, no don’t, the finishing is closer than ever and already we can hear the sound of victory.
Now that you have read this, download R Kelly’s Sound of Victory and tell that awful feeling “I ain’t no looser.” You will surely feel better.

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Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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