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Uwaezuoke: An Igbo Name that Teaches Earthly Wisdom

I have been thinking for a while now and a particular name keeps invading my subconscious. It is an Igbo name laced with deep meaning. Let me talk about the Igbos for a while.

You see in the Igbo worldwide, there’s this “deep resonating believe” in the Almighty God which reflects in the names they bear. Such names always have a “Chi” or “Chukwu” attached as prefix or suffix to the main name. Chi or Chukwu is the Igbo name for God. Examples of such names are: Chinenye “God gives,” Chimamanda “My God Won’t fail,” Ebubechi “The glory of God,” Ifechukwu “God’s light.” Holla at me for more names if you have need, smiles.

One other affinity the Igbo’s have is a “deep connection with the earth, the world and life.” Funny thing is that this is also reflected in the names they bear. We could have such names as Ajani “Soil of the Land” Ikpeama “Innocent” Amadi “Man” Uwakwe “If the World Agrees,” and others.

Uwaezuoke: An Igbo Name that Teaches Earthly Wisdom

So, a particular name keeps whispering to my mind. I waived away the constant nag but I have been reading a lot of what people are going through on social media and it seems the name is a metaphor of them and us all. Some of these people are friends and acquaintances and I care about them, others are strangers but they are equally important. I hope they read this as an encouragement.

Looking at others from afar I always thought “Mehn, that guy’s life is bam,” or “That lady has got it going.” You know those kind of thoughts that tend to magnify others and belittle the little dignity in your status. Aha!!!

Uwaezuoke kept tugging at me. “Leave me” I told him tirelessly but he wouldn’t. He asked me to ponder on him. After playing around, I seat here in this dark space, looking at the ceiling and then punching on my keyboard. Here is what Uwaezuoke said.

Oh, sorry, Uwaezuoke is a two syllable Igbo word and name- Uwa “The World,” Ezuoke “Not Complete,” that mean “The World is Not Complete.” In application, it would mean “No ones world is complete.”

So, Uwaezuoke told me:

I have seen rich men die of joy;

Married women lacking in childbirth;

Wealth in graves;

The poor with nothing but joy;

Intellectuals fail;

The strong heartbroken;

Princesses marry paupers;

Good people suffer;

Bad people rule;

Children hunger;

Destitute smile; yes they do.

Celebrities cry; the makeup and branded stories won’t let you see it.

The ugly getting married and the beautiful bypassed.

You see, no one’s world is complete. Kings do cry but you never see it. Abused women pose for cameras, downgraded men put up a strong facade.

Why then do we think it’s complete for others?

Maybe because we perceive they have a finer life, look and advantage.

It’s not always so, it’s never so. The reality is everyone is battling with their incompleteness in different ways, dimensions and with different strategies.

Think about it, Uwaezuoke is the case of every one of us on this earthly sojourn. So why kill yourself when it’s never greener on any lawn. If you ever see a man with a complete life all his day, tell me and I will show you a man never born. Not even King Solomon in all his glory, wealth, wisdom, pomp, grandeur, novelty and fame had it complete. In the end, he had to admit that with all his search, it wasn’t a complete world for any.

We could have a better life if we accept the limitations of our resources and the glorification of public figure. Not that we shouldn’t aspire to great things but there’s a line between purposeful living and covetousness.

Finally, when life bellows with its stones and deep storm, take it with good faith and you’ll find a way through.


Another similar Igbo name to Uwaeezuoke is “Onyekozuru?”. It’s a question like name asking “Who is it (the world) enough for?”

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2018.

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