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Because our living is vital, today we want to Unlock 5 Shocking Ways to Kill Yourself Suddenly and Fast. This post was inspired by the death of some people whom no one would ever suspect it would be them. Maybe we can all learn from the post and apply it to our living because when all is said, we need to be alive in good shape to celebrate our victory.

 When a former Nigerian first lady proclaimed “I’ll rather kill myself than commit suicide” many thought she was suffering from comedy of manners, lol. Comedy of manners ridicule people’s behavior and their manners in words and character. But little did we know that there’s actually a huge sense in her words.

Have you wondered why someone who was neither sick nor diagnosed of any terminal illness suddenly drops dead? Well, I am not a doctor nor a health specialist. I am a writer who learns spontaneously by observing my environment and events. Most of my posts come from personal experience or observations from the lives of other people, strangers or otherwise. So it’s always close to reality with a bit of fiction and creativity here and there.

Death is one phenomenon that rocks and wrecks our boats especially sudden death. We’ve explored this theme in diverse works of art from Greek to Roman to Elizabethan to middle ages down to this century. It will always be a hot theme in the artistic world. But what can one do that would amount to them killing themselves without committing in the real sense, suicide?

Want to know how many are killing themselves without knowing? Read on!
1. Over-stretching and Stressing Yourself

You read that right and no apologies here because some people just take life too serious especially women. You nag about everything and you are everywhere at the same time. You better watch it and book appointment to see a doctor.

Why is this a quick way to die?

Life experience…as simple as that. When you constantly beat yourself about little mistakes in your workplace, your home, your relationship etc, you are indirectly over-stretching your system. If you have a habit of thinking you have to be there before things get done, you also need to be careful. For example, if you are a wife, worker and a mother, you have to take great care in those three areas. Learn to delegate and relax those nerves. Overworking yourself will pay off negatively in the long run. Don’t say I didn’t warn you because you’re important to your family, friends and of course, me.

Unlock 5 Shocking Ways to Kill Yourself Suddenly and Fast

Death by self

2. Fear and Anxiety

This can be influenced by no 1, here’s why. Because you think you need to shoulder everything, chances are you will always be on edge and if anything goes against your prediction, your system will erupt. Sounds familiar? That’s invitation to high blood pressure, you don’t want that, neither do I.

Fear is one great killer, it saps one-off the zeal to enjoy the moment. I remember the survivors of the Ikeja bomb blast always saying that most people died out of fear and not from the blast. We fear death, fear failure, fear the weather, fear tomorrow, we fear fear and even fear the future. Well, if you’re afraid of the future, there’s no need being a part of it. Scrap that, I need you in the future dear friend- we need you. Shun fear please and unleash your tomorrow.

3. Complains

Oh Lord, I can’t cope with these folks. They complain about everything. What complaining does is that it blocks our mind from the things we have and focus them on what we don’t have. Complain I believe triggers negative hormones that weakens the body. People who complain easily succumb to little discomfort.

Another thing is that it triggers anger because when one sees nothing to be happy or thankful for, the next available bus is anger. Anger at objects, anger at people, anger against oneself. And from my little research, anger is a catalyst for increase in blood pressure. Best advice from me, if you really want to enjoy more of life, quit complaining.

Ask yourself, “will my complaints solve my problem?” If your answer is in the negative then you have no need to complain.

Another advice, talk about those things that cause you to complain with someone who understands and can offer you a way out. You’ll be good dear.

4. Discontentment 

Ha, so you are not happy with what you have. You want to ride a 2017 SUV model, live in a mansion with pomp and pride. I know you love the celebrity idea of living. And because Instagram is there, you have become miserable after checking out those gorgeous celebs. You ask yourself, “why can’t I be like them?” It’s okay, you’re not alone but look around you. Someone just lost his job, the homeless girl cannot afford a meal, the one-eyed beggar at your street corner, the kid roaming the refuse dump…should I go on? Look, sister, if you have a roof to rest at night, a full stomach, a source of income, education and internet to add value to yourself, you are among the richest 10% of the world population. Be grateful and stop entertaining greed. Yes, it’s greed when you desire to have something beyond your means at the moment.

These things are good but if you end up developing heart issues because of over thinking, you won’t be alive to enjoy your victories when they come. Take life “die die”, take life with ease, be diligent and you will surpass all those things you think make for a good life.

Unlock 5 Shocking Ways to Kill Yourself Suddenly and Fast

It starts from your mind.


Nothing is real on social media especially when entertainment and paparazzi is involved. Don’t kill yourself over celebrities, they live for what you see them do. That’s where they get their relevance from. So if your relevance is not dependent on your social media presence, focus on where it is- your career.

5. Bad Health Habits

I am a creative writer but pardon me to join synergy with doctors and health specialists to scream “Take care of your health” Shun bad health habits. If you are diagnosed with an ailment, seek for ways to cure it. Well, God is the ultimate cure but he has given the sons of men the knowledge- use it. Do exercise, eat well, eat vegetables (ugu vegetable is a good one) and fruits. If you’re a writer, take short breaks between your workflow to stretch, same applies to other professions.

Finally, I am particular about this because it’s something I have experienced of myself and others. I am not a health specialist but all these points attack one specific place- our heart. And that is the centre of our being. Even the bible says to guide our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. Mind what you feed it and remember:

“You need to be alive to celebrate your victory”

Do you know other ways people have killed themselves suddenly? Please leave your comment below. Thanks.

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Written by
Esther Okoloeze

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