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I personally believe there are two types of Canva users excluding those who don’t even know what Canva is about. Those ones are missing a lot in the wave of easy-made graphics.

Welcome to my free flow session on the blog. I call it free flow because it’s a segment when I can talk about things personally and subjectively. So this post is just my opinion and not necessarily the rule.

Today I will be focusing on Two Types of Canva Users and How They Make a Difference. I’m sure you want to know this as much as I want to talk about it. Let’s roll.

I love Canva from the first time I heard about what it can  do for me and what we do at SL Kreativez especially our graphics on Instagram but I couldn’t use it immediately. Here’s why.

The first time I tried working with it on my PC, I couldn’t download the images plainly out of ignorance. I kept asking designer friends how this stuff works and all they told me was just design and download your work. Huh! I decided to chill and let Ebere continue with the designs. Ebere does most of our professional designs anyway.

Sometime in early January I started looking for an app to help with the workload piling up, then I saw the Canva app on Google Playstore and I didn’t think twice about downloading it. The rest has been history and you can check out the banner for this post to rate how I use my Canva for my work here, Instagram and my personal social media handle. Now, I really don’t have to wait for Ebere or put all the work on her. I commit my late nights to designing tons of beautiful contents with the Canva app on my android phone.

What about this post?

Yeah, I discovered a little unprofessional output  by some startup folks on Instagram. I found out that though Canva is easy to use yet many people still break some rules or should I say do not go about their designs the right way.

This article is an educative one so you will indulge me to be explicit with good details because after now I don’t want to see those errors on our designs anymore when Canva is involved.

So quickly, what is Canva and benefits of using it?

Canva is a programmed graphics software that makes designing your graphics easy and clean. It is programmed in a way that you don’t need to be a design pro to use it. And trust me if you knew half of what Canva can do for you or what you can do with it, you will be amazed. But first the benefits!

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It comes with different templates.
  • Templates vary according to different social use and design demands.
  • Beautiful graphics and images free-to download.
  • The templates come in recommended standard. Well, except for the book cover which is slightly lower than Amazon cover standards. The social media templates are cool, for cover images, getting a pro would be better though you can use the templates for local online platforms like
  • It is economical and free to download. It saves you the fare of calling a graphic designer for every post, learn it and design quotes, inspiration texts and contents that are beautiful to the eyes and mind-blowing.
  • Saves you time and stress of designing from scratch. Just pick a template and rework it to suit your style and purpose.
  • Anyone can use it. And i mean absolutely anyone as long as you can operate a computer of an internet enabled phone.

There’s more I believe.

Gallery of some of our Canva designs

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Like I said there are two types of Canva users:

Those who use Canva creatively and those who don’t. I will talk about those who don’t and you can decide if you do it right or wrong. Using Canva isn’t just about adding text to the template and downloading, there’s more to the stuff friend. See, you have to standout even when you are using a popular or common tool. The difference between two designs of same template is the style, the creativity and the drama you bring to it. Some people just pick a template and insert text into it and then click the share button. No, this shouldn’t be. You have multiple option to change the images, many don’t, you can change the fonts, most don’t, you can filter, you can bold, italize, increase, reduce the text, add graphics, most people don’t. But the one that gets out to me is when you can easily download free images and change the background but you don’t. Canva lets you be dynamic and creative, don’t be stale and unappealing.

Check our Instagram page and see the accolades we get on our designs, so you know we mean this business and it’s free to use.

Let me break this down. When you open the Canva app, you have two options, to create a design or view your designs. If you want to create a new design, you have different design folders namely:

  • Instagram Post
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Cover
  • Social Graphic
  • Photo Collage
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Invitation
  • Card
  • Twitter Post
  • Twitter Header
  • Blog Banner
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Your Story
  • Pinterest Graphics
  • Album Cover
  • Book Cover

There are over 60,000 templates to choose from in these categories. Once you have settled for one, you open it and the first thing you should do is change the background image with Canva watermark. Not all background images are watermarked but if you happen to choose a template that has one, you need to change it to one that isn’t. You can search for images on the Canva Add button – the button with the plus or cross sign. Some images are free, some aren’t and you can easily know which is by the number 1 on the image section. If you can get this right, then you can breathe.

Equally, you can strip a template off its content and add your own from scratch but you need caution here especially with the font size of your texts. If your text size is larger than the recommended size, your designs may runoff the pages of your final copy. So be careful on your sizing. Also there are multiple font styles so try to experiment with them.

Lastly, if you can’t get the perfect image for your designs on Canva, try downloading free-to-use images on

If you are like me looking for how to be economical and meet your aim, I think Canva is something you want to try.

What more? I need to go design some right away, so I will let it off here. If you have questions please leave your comments, it will be a pleasure to help you get more at out of this sweet app.

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