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It was sometime in the not-so-far past, I had just left a teaching job somewhere in West Africa. As a girl that didn’t depend on sugar daddies or petty boyfriends to level up, I had gone in search of another job but the city was not grinning.

Everywhere was dry and things didn’t really agument since the proverbial one-eyed man became the king of the blind. My people say that in a town of blind people, a one-eyed man is the king.

That story is akamu story which I will leave for the hunters to tell the things they see in the night.

That morning was all glitter, I had decked myself finely in a pink bodycon high-risk skirt that accentuated what God gave a precious child. I can’t make out the top but my sense should not fail me to know it was finely cute.

Before that morning, I had hooked up with some young folks and we had been a knitted group of fame seekers looking for a means to stardom. Kind of reminds me of the rich and famous song because every time I closed my eyes, I could see the cameras click away, the buzz and hush and rush of paparazzi, I saw myself in shinning, shimmering lights, I really wanted to be rich and famous, so freaking bad.

The dude who always gave us the buzz had informed us of a movie audition the day before and as usual, we gats turn up or turn anywhere, what mattered was that we did a turning and that we did.

Few hours spent, fidgeting moments sitting before pot-bellied directors who gave us dumb lines to recite and I was making to leave for my house. But my oversabi self decided to hype one of the directors who by all standard of ‘their standard’  was a good one, plus he was a natural actor – my hailing was for his acting skills more like it.

Dude acknowledged my hail and asked what route I’ll be flying abi it’s taking. My mouth acting faster than my brain quickly vomited – looking back to then, I always thought the best of rainbows, you don’t want to know what I think now.

Uncle said he would drop me off, I felt super like a star riding with the sun but before he – the sun could poke my star, he had to eliminate the moons that accompanied us. One by one they alighted, peradventure, they knew this sun wanted a one-man ride with the star.

Then our conversation ensued, the discipline of a stage woman had prepared my star to be open-minded. “Can you act with a man on the same bed?” his deep voice pooped. My obnoxious self would have asked, “On the bed doing what?” still I just replied “If that’s necessary.”

“Of course you won’t be there alone, the cameramen and crew will be there.” A pause followed, “Can you act without your bra?” he diffused the air, I choked and felt sick in my stomach. “No sir, I can’t.” I replied hiding my irritation which was beginning to swell my chest.

I prayed to be left off quick but this carnivore was just started. He went on to ask the different roles I could do and because they revolved around sex, I kept giving him negative replies.

“With your background as a thespian, one would expect that you would be versatile. To make it here in the industry, you need to let go of this your I can’t do this and that. You need to be matured and come out of your shell.” He kept on and on until we got to the bus-stop I should have hoped to be dropped off, then he turned into the stadium, it was my first time being there but since it was an open space, I had little to fear. So, the me in me said, I’ll have to see where this ends.

He parked under a weird tree, the type that has one thousand and hundred roots and vein, motioned his ignition to a halt. I waited for the worse to come.

“See, you don’t have anything to fear. You’re a beautiful girl with everything in place. Just trust me and I will make you a star.”

I swallowed hard, making me a star was five-star-plus, so I waited, by this time the alarm in my chest was reading red. I breathed deep, feeling my lungs with the choking air.

“All I want from you is that you be my special friend.”

When I heard that, I knew it was better not imagined, “special friend, how?” I asked the sun. His majesty didn’t mince words, “someone I can talk to, share my projects with. You will always tag along with me to meetings but I must tell you, some of these meetings may last into the night and we would have to sleep in a hotel.”

Oh the church girl in me was shattered into thousand pieces by the thought of what I would be doing in a hotel by 2am with a man my late uncle’s age.

“Sir are you married?” I asked not knowing what I should be asking or doing. It was a case of no way forward, blindness behind.

He answered that he was once married and I didn’t hesitate to know why it was a past tense. She couldn’t cope with marrying an actor he told me. I asked if he had any child which he confirmed. His daughter should be older than me he explained. My heart roared and I could feel it would make a thud if it could move.

I lingered, I was weakened and even though I knew I should be going, my bumbum stayed put on the Honda leather seat not until I heard “kiss me.” I could hear the demons singing in the manner of angels, but my Michael was on patrol too.

To kiss a stranger for fame or jump out of by the window became my dilemma. I was just a novice but I wasn’t stupid. This jungle matured with wild animals lurking to prey on the littles.

How I escaped that day is something I can’t tell here but something wasn’t right about his health. I noticed that his ears were dry and had some flakes. That was my last audition.

Two years later, on the timeline of a famous blog, I read that my promiser of fame was on his bed awaiting leg amputation.

Few months later, he died. He was supposed to blow my star but his sun could not rise two years later from where it had set.

Pretty much all I can tell, like they say, we shouldn’t speak ill about the dead. I hope young ladies learn from my story because that’s why I consider it worth sharing. Not all good things last, wait for your time in the walk of life.

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