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This is a short feature article that is richly packed with short but memorable words that will unwrap your mind and keep it afloat. Enjoy from my ink.


Mother took me out today, it was my first time. I clung to her warm back, her silk blouse gave me comfort. I snuggled and made small sounds. She would pat my bum to pacify me. I really perceived I was a pain but I wanted out. I wasn’t happy being here. I wanted to take a leap, I wanted to explore. So I fussed tirelessly, the way babies do.

What were those loud sounds making pim-pim? Where they came from looked gigantic; they zoomed so fast. My little eyes can’t see from it beginning to end. And they came in many colors. The people in them looked like me but they were not on their mother’s back. They were seating and the carrier moved.

Why was I different? Why wasn’t I standing and why was mother’s back so little compared to those objects making pim-pim?

We went out another day after few seasons, now mother tugged me by her side. It was a while before she placed my tiny feet on the ground. I tried running but mother’s hands kept me in check. “You will fall ooo, you know your legs are not yet strong.” mother said as I kept pulling her forward.

I saw towering buildings, oh, they were touching the heavens. I ran back into mother’s hands. They will swallow me, I thought. Mother only laughed and we walked by.

Soon, mother sent me to school. I couldn’t understand why. A woman came to collect me. I had no choice after I cried the river outta my eyes. Every morning was a crying bout but the same woman kept me in that place. They called it classroom but it was a big boring room. I saw small kids like myself. Some were bigger, some my size, others smaller. We repeated the same thing everyday, I couldn’t understand why. I was out in no time.

Next, father said I needed more. More of what? I questioned. More education, exposure. I had no choice.

That was 26 years ago, I look back and think “What did I see back then?” The fast-moving cars, the towering skyscrapers, education and the other stuffs.

These were stuffs, ideas-abstract and tangible, that once seemed far-fetched, they looked enormous. But now I see them for what they are and I see myself for what I was. I come to assume that “ignorance makes intelligence extraordinary” Yes, in our myopia, we magnify the little stuff of life to a state of sublimity. We actually venerate them like gods.

It’s not bad. On the contrary, it is the perfect root. How would we learn if education came on a platter, if one plus one can come naturally to us as two? What fun would there be to the greatness of mathematical inventors if knowledge could be plucked on the street without inquisition? And if we were to all understand the intricacies of grammar and poetic jargon from birth, what flavor will there be to learning the formation and semantics of foreign languages and tongues? What curiosity will the world hold? What adventure will entice us if we came into the world all-knowing?

Fascination lends credence to inventions

Fascination lends credence to inventions I must say. The Magnifying glass is to spur the zest for adventure in the mind of curious men. And when we come close to the end, we will be less the seeker for what we see crystal clear can hold no wonder for us. The world thrives on the magnifying glass, what are you magnifying for the world?

And so you know, Some days Life happens to Us and Other Days, We Happen to Life. May we happen to life always.

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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