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Hi friends, how are you doing today? I’m excited to write about: The Internet and Social Media Simplified For The Average Person because it’s quite difficult for non-tech people to understand how the whole stuff about internet and social media work.

Today, I am delving into this vital topic, my angle of course will be from a writer’s perspective and what I hope to do is that it becomes understandable to the average person how the internet and social media work, so it becomes easy for us to use them to our benefit.

I will be breaking this down according to how it works in the real world. Are you gamed?

First, we should all know that the internet and social media are just like our business comprising of the structure, strategies and tools. Precisely the way you have a business in the real world that’s how it works with online. Let’s say you have a business idea, you will have to write it down, get a shop, pay for rent and other fee, renovate or furnish it, get the place secured, stock it and tell people what you do or sell.

What if you don’t have a shop yet, you can sell from home right or your truck? But you know some prestige comes with owning a shop. Your customers can find you, they can come around to inspect what you do and see what you have in stock. They don’t have to chase you everywhere because you have a shop, you are immobile. That said, let us progress.

Second, let me talk about the internet and social media little, then we will cap up with the connection.

I will be comparing a lot, so keep your mind open.

The internet is the world itself, okay, it’s the virtual world, you can’t feel it but it’s there. In the world, people do a lot. They work, do businesses, get married, give birth, worship, talk, play, die, lol. They do a lot. And we can do much more with the internet. To be specific, we can do all we do in the real world on the internet except MR NIGER D.

Next, we have Websites on the internet. Website is like your shop, you build it from scratch-coding or just rent from someone-theme templates. To have a website, you will need a URL which has your domain name. Your domain name or URL is similar to your business name.

If you don’t have a business name, how will customers know you? We will talk more at the conclusion. So to have a website, you will need to have a name e.g or

The Internet and Social Media Simplified For The Average Person

Then we have search engines like Google,. Search engines are like portals that have everyone’s address. Then we have web browser that serve as keys to reach the website or the search engines. Examples of web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. I think we are good with this part. Let’s move to social media.

Social Media are like the strategies, places and tools you implore to reach your customers. Even if you don’t have a shop yet, you can still sell your products through house to house services, chart pushing etc.

Using social media means taking what you do to your customers. You go to them, they don’t come to you, while in internet, they look for you or the products you sell or the services you offer. I hope you see the difference?

Okay, types of social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Whatsapp and the rest, not to forget YouTube. It means even if you don’t have a website, you can let people know about what you do through social media.

There are many opportunities for your business especially on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook has about 2 Billion users, so imagine if you can use this medium, how much growth your business will experience. Instagram is also gaining momentum, I see a future for producers and marketers on that platform and not just celebrities.

How does it come together?

To reach more people, sell more, create influence, you need to take your business online. The internet is like the world where we’re all buying and selling. Everyone is either buying or selling. We sell creativity and art, you could be selling education, facility maintenance etc. To be on top, we need a shop, that’s the website.

To get a shop, we go to the land owner which is the domain seller. After we rent the shop for a certain amount, we need someone who will maintain it. If we can do that it would have been easier but we can’t because it’s complex, so we contact the hosting company that ensures that we will have constant power supply and that our shop remains our for as long as our rent lasts.

Quickly, about domain, remember you are paying like you do for a shop, and it is yearly, so if you fail to pay at the end of the year, the landlord will evict you and rent it out. The same applies to the hosting, if you don’t pay the engineer at the end of the year, he will back off and your online shop won’t have any power to work.

When you have rented your shop and gotten the standby engineer, it’s time to beautify and stock your shop. You will ask a web designer to add the beauty. He or she is like the carpenter and painter. You will get the designer everything from logo, that’s your shop identity. For example if you sell fruits, you can design a beautiful fruit to design your shop name. You also give the designer the message, pictures etc you want people to see when they enter your shop.

Yay! Your shop is ready but no one is coming to buy? Oya, you need to go and tell them on social media. Just like you do street publicity, jingles and adverts, you can do the same on social media. You tell your potential customers why they should buy from you and how you can even give them jara…lol. They can ask you questions and you reply. Also you use the opportunity to tell them about visiting your shop i.e. your website.

Aha, we’re here finally, did it make any meaning to you? If you have questions, you can leave it on the comment box or better still reach us on our social media handles or write us at We will appreciate to hear from you and please tap the share button so others can see this. Who knows who it will help? Thanks for your time here, we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. Don’t forget to share the link.

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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