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This post is a memoir from my meditation sometime in December 2013, some days (08th actually) after the death of the Great World Legend, Nelson Mandela whose life was a show of selflessness and patriotism to the goodwill of others.

SL Kreativez NG  will always be about people like him.

The day that Mandela died, the world was asleep. But the day after Mandela died, they were all awake. And when I say awake, I mean they woke up the next morning to hear of his death. I was a corper then and on the day after Mandela died, I got to my PPA (Post of Primary Assignment) when my colleague suddenly announced “Nelson Mandela is died.” I screamed and for a minute (I mean it). I shut my ears with my hands like one who had heard an abominable utterance.

At that point, I had an uprising of bitterness, hopelessness and a bleak faith in humanity. Immediately came rushing to my memory the visions of the apartheid system, the chains of oppression, segregation, the struggle for freedom or rather the walk to freedom as Mandela termed it.

I imagined the betrayals and the thrust for integrity for which Mandela was known for. I remembered even if only in sympathy, the years of agony which was overcame by love so strong for the freedom of the motherland. The final realization of freedom and equity in South Africa, the economic transformation that they now enjoy came from one man who stood against all odds.

All these thoughts came in a flash, and at first I thought, ‘oh! how I’d have loved to see Mandela but oh no, now he is dead.’ Courageously I said “Legends don’t die, they only live on.”

When I recovered from the shock,  I said to my colleagues, “Nelson Mandela is the only Man with Integrity that I have known.” Well, an updated list have been made in recent years.

Meanwhile I also recall to memory my beloved legend, Chinua Achebe. And then I said, “Gone are they that lighten our path.” Once again, Africa had lost a great legend and a rare gift to humanity. All I could say was “Mandela is not dead, He lives on.”

Also on that day after Mandela died, I knew that Governments, Economists, Ministers, both of God and Man, Diplomats, Traders, Miners, Humans, Students, Professors, Friend, Foes, name them would start talking:

Oh Mandela was this, Mandela was that.

I also knew they would start encouraging youths to be another Mandela, while they sit on power like it’s their exclusive right. Likewise, I knew most of these bunch, pardon me, are those who have no drop of integrity left in their philosophical psyche.

They are people who can be bought with a prize. I still knew that some who celebrated the Man during his life would also bear witness for Who He was and was not and others will altogether speak ill of the Man Mandela, it is the way of the world, nothing new nor strange.

Yet, the only joy I had was that Mandela had gone to a world where no friend nor foe, war nor strife, bitterness nor pain, apartheid nor variance of this world exists. So whatever they say, do or think, he fought for the motherland, and his victory will speak for posterity.

In loving memory of Ex-President and World Legend, Nelson Mandela Madiba (1918-2013). Your Marks will never be erased from the sands of time because Apartheid will not rise again and is gone forever,

What hope is there for Africa?

What hope is there for Nigeria, a country where integrity is shunned. When will integrity direct the purpose of freedom and tenacity uphold hope? Africa is loosing it, just look at the same South Africa that Nelson Mandela fought for. It pains me to hear of Xenophobic attacks now and then and I’m asking “Is this the same people Mandela spent 27 years for in Rhodes Island, away in a cold prison?”

What about us?

Nigeria is a shadow of its glory, who will uphold hope, integrity, freedom and shun corruption and greed for a must and communal good. Nigeria is yet to exist as a state and Africa is an unpolished colony. We need selfless people who are ready to change the tide of fate come what may.

Our leaders have failed Democracy and Our Government have violated our humanity. Only a people without a prize tag can savage our nation but almost every Nigerian has a prize tag.

We need a new and profound vision, our fundamental and cardinal objectives must be reformed. The world is waiting and asking when will Africa be born. I know they will soon ask “WHO WILL BE ANOTHER MANDELA.” Our change is imminent but the prize of peace cannot be bought.

Freedom comes with a Prize, Who is ready to pay it?

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  1. Esther Uzoamaka Okoloeze 19th September 2018 at 7:42 pm

    Thanks Charles, we’ll definitely get there someday.

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