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Our Topic for the day: The Evolving Art of Heroic Cartoons: What’s in For Nigerians, speaks dearly to me.

I have always been enthused with cartoons depicting heroes and their adventures. But these are usually foreign characters and though it’s superb to associate with their awesomeness, I find it almost alien because most of the scenarios portrayed by them are really not what we can associate with in our own clime. Still I can’t deny that I have a wishful thinking that having such in our society won’t be a bad idea at all. I know someone is already protesting “can Nigeria create something like Disney, Warner Bros etc.” Well if you are such person, please just debunk that ideology because it is unhealthy for our collective development. I believe we can and it shows that a lot needs to be done to actualize it.

Every society need people in the form of Legends that they can model after. Legends whose deeds tell of Great Spirit and adventure. In the case where new generations sprout, it is necessary that we keep updating them on these exceptional figures who herald our historic past. As it seems already, the younger generation don’t seem to have any one they can emulate or worthy of aspiring to be in the past generation. Not that we don’t have such figures but their knowledge is lost in the library archives in the pages of old history books. We need to have those books to come alive.

Evolving Art of Heroic Cartoons

Iron man cartoon

The present youth justifies their ill actions on the altar of social ills perpetuated by our leaders or more profoundly Rulers. We have a society where being bad is swag and good is frowned at. Do we fold our hands and watch while things keep going awry? No, we have to use every tool to restore the glory of our nation starting from a baptism of our perception and thinking. We need to give the younger generation something to salivate on. To do this we need to look at what we have that can be helpful in this journey and seriously speaking, Super Heroes Cartoon isn’t such a bad idea since most kids these days can recite cartoon characters from Barbie, to Snow White, Superman, Spider-Man, name them.

Did someone nod?

Yes, we all easily love Superman, Spider-man, Batman and all the man-woman but do seldom think towards creating a similar art for our society using people we can relate with, adventures that are intriguing, creative but also valuable. We’ve read of so many legends in our primary school days and have many amount embedded in our history, the likes of Jaja of Okpobo, Moremi, Amina, Idia and a lot. What about Stella Adadevoh, Dora Akunyili or you think her life won’t make a good legend? Imagine recreating her life and adding spice to it, tweaking it a little here and there.

Evolving Art of Heroic Cartoons

When a pirate finds a treasure…what does he do?

What stops us from creating fictions laced with twisted but ideal plots to help the younger generation? Not only will this restore the idea of good morals, it will be an adventure for the creators and consumers not forgetting making genuine income from it. It’s time we look inwards and unleash the creativity in us and our rich past. Who wouldn’t love to see a Naija super hero? I sure would! And so we know, the internet is there to help us know how to create animated characters. All it demands is a computer, internet connection, small cash, a scriptwriter and the desire to create a lasting art. Well maybe it demands more than those but the least we can do is leave it to another generation. The time is ripe and patriotically speaking, instead of empowering touts in politics let’s boost the unemployed but skillful for stuffs like this.

I can’t wait, we can’t wait to see our own similitude of Disney in Nigeria or more sublime and I know we can do it.

Share your views and comment with us, we cherish them. And you can read up our trending memoir.

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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