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Check Lyrics below post.

Hey Seekers, long time no talk. Pardon me, it’s the ‘Nigerian factor’ especially Electricity…huh…that’s one of the setback affecting our productivity  as Nigerian youths but believe me, we will overcome this too. Like they say, “Man No die, Man No Rotten”, there’s hope for the living.

Oya ooo, I have something to cheer us all up even if the situation and our enemy the devil seeks to pull us down, we shan’t give up, can I hear your ‘Amen’

Some weeks back, veteran Nigerian African high-life, rhythm and soul singer, Sunny Neji wowed his fans with this new song that totally speaks to the very core of our humanity as Nigerians presently. I got to listen to this song and it has since been on repeat, and I can’t stop thinking about the weight of each word.

How about that, we know people who are highly placed misbehaving and acting like all is well here, but we know that everything is not as it should be. Do we for that reason bury our heads inside the sand? I think No. Life is not easy and being a Nigerian is the toughest thing to be right now. You wake up everyday without an idea of when all this nonsense and selfishness will end. God save you if you are not employed and have no side skill, you will understand what hardship is. Well if you’re reading this, count yourself privileged and though I know you have your own challenges but still ‘dupe ti e’…lol

Please take time to absorb the in-depth message of this song, it is soulful and I’m sure you will find hope even in this tunnel. Sunny Neji has picked out the right words and believe me too, tough times come and go, and this one too go go. If you are contemplating suicide or know a depressed person, please help them with the lyric and you can go one extra mile and download the YouTube video or Mp3 audio. I got mine via  Below are the lyrics, complete and correct.

Trust me when I say we shan’t be walking this path forever, please have a mustard faith, don’t give up, not on yourself, your ambition and definitely not on your future.

Aeroplane Turner Lyrics

No mind bad things people dey talk,

Man no be God, no follow the world,

Na because we dey down dollar tall,

When we rise, dollar go fall,

After night, day go break,

Pikin sweet naim make woman bear the pain,

No mata wetin anybody say,

Sun go shine after the rain.


Aeroplane turner, one day e go stop ooo

Turn turn turner, one day e go end ooo

E turn go here, e turn go there, e turn around,

Aeroplane turner, one day e go stop ooo

Repeat chorus

Verse II

We don see am before (na so e dey be sometime ooo)

Tough times come and go (tough times dey come dey go ooo)

This one too go go (this one too go go)

Believe me I know Iye eee


Aeroplane turner, one day e go stop ooo (one day)

Turn turn turner (one day), one day e go end ooo (one day)

E turn go here, e turn go there, e turn around,

Aeroplane turner, one day e go stop ooo


Whatever the weather, whatever the weather

Whatever the weather, we are pushing further

We are going higher

Ain’t no stopping us

We are unlimited

We are not defeated

Cos we are lifted

Ain’t no stopping us now x3

Repeat hook


Aeroplane Turner, one day e go stop (one day)

Turn turn turner (one day), one day e go end (one day)

Aeroplane turner (one day), one day e go stop ooo (one day),

We go get am right,

We go do am better,

Aeroplane turner, one day na one day (one day)

Turn turn turner (one day), one day na one day e (one day)

E turn go here, e turn go there, e turn around

Aeroplane turner, one day na one day eee

ai ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye….ati be be lo

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