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Write a Great Article That’ll Change the World

Our online publishing platform is free to use for all. We offer aspiring writers a space to publish and promote their stories and articles.

Anyone with talent is welcomed.

All you have to do is write a great article, edit it, send to our team and in less than seven days you will receive a publication email. Your story is ready to fly. Share with your friends and network. Absolutely free.

Acceptable Word Count

  • Poetry: 300 words (max)

  • Book review: 1,000 words (max).

  • Short stories, memoirs, essays and feature stories: 1,000 words (max).

How It Works

  • Research and write a great article.

  • Fill the form and submit.

  • Be inspiring, original and creative. Your readers are counting on you to be.

  • We only accept original first-time publication.

  • We accept short stories, poems, creative non-fiction, book reviews, essays, memoirs, feature stories and other literary pieces.

  • Once we receive your submission, we will contact you between three to five working days. If your work is accepted, we will send you an email. However, if for any reasons we do not contact you within three weeks you can slide into our mailbox.

Rules of Submission

Note that your submission will be turned down on these terms:

  • Lacks good sentence structure, grammar, proper tenses, clarity and punctuation.

  • Violates intellectual property and copyright laws and is fraught with plagiarism.

  • Shows racism, disrespect for all genders, religious bias, ethnicity and tribal sentiment.

  • Articles different from the ones specified in the categories.

What You Stand to Gain

This is a free-to-use publishing platform with a remote administrator. Note that you are not paid to publish your story on this platform. We only publish stories and articles to promote creativity and aspiring writers.

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