I’m neither stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea nor am I trying to make a life changing decision. This is simply the curse of the middle child.

As a middle child, I’ve had to cope with many things, with the major one being not knowing my place in the family, being the gray child, neither black nor white, neither here nor there, neither an adult nor a child, simply filling the space in the middle. My parents have a special bond with my elder sister obviously because she is the first and they are always fussing over my younger sister because she is the ‘baby’ of the family.

Also playing the part of an unbiased judge between my two siblings is a role I never want to try on again, because at the end of the day, I become the bad guy. When my two sisters are at it, I always want to stay out of their arguments because it always ends up like I’m supporting one at the expense of the other.

My elder sister would believe that since she is older, she ought to be right and my younger sister would be of the opinion that as the baby of the house, she can’t be wrong.

So you see my plight? Stuck in the middle! Or, when my younger sister goes snooping into my elder sister’s phone, reads something above her age and comes to me for clarification but since I am totally for minding your own business, I reprimand her, tell my elder sister to set a password on her phone and that’s how I become the bad guy even though I did not tell my elder sister who read what from her phone.

This is not really a big deal to me but to every other middle out there, it is a mighty deal, you blame us for not having a fashion sense, well that’s ‘cause we are the sole beneficiaries of the hand-me-downs. The older gets everything new, and by the time things get from us to the younger children, they are usually too worn out to wear. The idea behind this is always, why buy us- the middle child anything new when those old sneaks still fit and are in ‘perfectly good shape.’

We are the problem kids, either too introverted to get out of our bubble and get along with the other kids or too starved for attention that we’ll do absolutely anything to get noticed. Since we are neither the first nor last child, we are laden with the responsibility of having an arsenal of special talents to prove how awesome we are and get our parents’ attention.

Being a middle child is not totally lonely and overbearing, it also has its perks and advantages; we can get away with so much more, because all the focus is on the baby of the house and the first child. We also get to be the lazy bum of the house, we get to do nothing all day and still act like we have been busy all day.

I actually just realized how much I love being a second child, it’s not a curse after all, I am proud of my position in the family.
I hope you are too, middle child out there?

Till next time!

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About the Author:

I am Ginika, from a family of three girls and I am the middle child. I am a proud graduate of European Studies (French & German) from UI, Ibadan. I read lots of books and trust me there are no bad books, except you mean poorly written ones. Call me a Dan Brown Fanatic, still you will catch me getting lost in the feminist world of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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  1. Emmanuel Umemneku 23rd January 2019 at 11:22 am

    Hmmm. Though I am the first, I can’t really say I enjoyed the pampering, cos it came with many responsibility. Sths, shoved aside to attend to the younger ones. But it did come with some beneifts of it’s own. Made me mature beyond my age and gave me wisdom to deal with the affairs of judgements fairly.

    Kudos. Nice article indeed.

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