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We keep pushing until we get there. Some days are low, some days are high. Some days we have to take the mountains, others we fly the valley and some we walk the hills.
Some days are like the desert, some like the wilderness. Some days come like a volcano and yet others like storms. Many days are like a night full of twinkling stars on the galaxy, other days are like a cloudless sky void of affection. In some we toil, tear and burn, others we shine, swim and soar. All days are not some alike.
Days are when we wake in hurt, some depressed, others indifferent. We start with zeal in some or utter reluctance. All days are not the same.
Some days, we feel like a coconut, others meet us like tomatoes yet at others we’re like coffee well blended and presented in a beautiful china ware meshed in fine milk and sugar cube with odors permeating the nostrils and awaking the very creatures in our system.
And days we have when we’re like soured salad oozing unpleasant smells unfit for the nose, other days we’re like a fresh fruit in an orchard at the wake of spring.
Some days we wish the world caved in on us, other days we want to take on the world and all it offers. Life saps out in us like the dew evaporating with the early sun in a summer wake. Days like death, days like health, days like joy, days like pain.
Some days we care, some we don’t. Some we crave for perfection and at others we’re cut in ourselves…who cares.
Some days life happen to us and other days we happen to life. We give credit to whoever said that but like days when life happens to us, we can’t even take the pain to ask google.
So if you’re reading this post and find errors, just know some days we can’t get it all right. It’s OK to be off some days.

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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