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For a while, poetry looked like she bade me bye and went on a short vacay. I let her cruise to her fill but today she tugged at me and whispered to my ears as we sat on the boat of the subconscious, “tell Esther, write today, tell them what I tell you of my fears about tomorrow for I can’t guarantee how long I will be with you till I am gone again, finding tales from overseas to give you at our next opportune time.”

And here I go with the whispers of Lady Poetry, Say: For The One I Lost | A Short Emotional Poem. This came from a moment of thought on the events of the past one year leading up to this time. It was the same time last year, precisely tomorrow, Tuesday and the date after, 06th June that I lost a gem.

Thinking back, I could imagine a world full of people with hidden pains desiring to say if only a word to the one they lost. Perhaps a one-time opportunity to see them again and say that word that we deprive ourselves. This poem is dedicated to those whose pain dims tomorrow, those whose terminal illness clamps hope, and most importantly, those in love who wish to forever pause the moment and burn the memories that sting. It’s not too late to say the word if they’re still with you but if they’d been gone, then whisper these words each time their memories flash at you. Just tell them even in death, I love you. Just say the word.

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The poem goes with a refrain ECHIETEKA, an Igbo word whose meaning suggests “Tomorrow is too far,” inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s “Tomorrow is Too Far” in her novel, The Thing Around Your Neck.” 

Say: For The One I Lost | A Short Emotional Poem

I recoil when I stare at tomorrow,


The pangs that your absence cast,


I shrink for I can’t walk yonder,


For fear of what lurks at the turn of the mile,


Where the cold teeth of loneliness stretch like the devil’s fork of deceit,


This fickle essence of our living,


Wielding hope to sail through morrow,


Would time we never parted,


Only that you were here to smile,


I long to see your face again,


To hold your hands and tell you, you’ll be fine,


To live the moments again and burn the memories,


To promise that I’ll pause tomorrow and make your heart beat forever,


To rewind the morning you left and never returned,


To go back and forth and back in time,


But these I cannot,

Mortal you were, mortal I am,

And the path you traverse, someday I too will,

The end of me I cannot foretell,

So baby let’s pause the moment,

Declare our love far and wide,

Let’s take this tale a story at a time,

Let’s spark the love and burn the hate,

And like an epic trilogy, let’s make this moment leap,

Whatever you say I’ll do,

Even in death, I’ll still say,

I love you.

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