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It’s no news that we live in unpleasant times as indicated by happenings around us. Maybe we have lost a dear one, missed an opportunity, going through heartbreak or even jobless. These and more are things that are capable of making us wear a frown like a costume makeup but one lesson though you would see at the end of this brief is that nothing is worth sacrificing a smile for, not even the worst of trying times.

We were strolling back from a condolence visit to a relative who lost his wife, she was just 34, pathetic right? We got chatting to kill the distance and my mum remembered what the man said about his wife. He said “Not only was she beautiful without, her innermost part was the same” as he shook his legs. Really, it’s bad living up to the reality of loosing someone at a young age but it is insanity when everyone can’t get over their good nature up to the point of death.

As the conversation lingered, my aunt pointed out something and I frowned mockingly. She stared at me and said “It doesn’t fit you” but I just looked on. She pressed further, “Look at how beautiful you are and yet you frown, what do you want people like us (who are not so blessed in looks) to do? If you know how ugly you look when you frown then you wouldn’t try it anymore.” That struck me like lightning.

Why should I frown when I can smile?

Reasons Why You Should Smile

Smile for all the good things of life.

Life is not fair but we just have to move ahead at the face of a storm.

But why should I smile when I haven’t got what my heart desires? Or why should I laugh when I just lost my friend to cancer you may ask.

Feelings and thoughts like this arise to keep us from getting above our situation but really, does wearing a frown help solve it? I have been a frowner for ages though it’s not inborn. Some experience has made my outlook tense and when the situation is not palatable the available option is to frown. But that was in the past because from observation, frowning  has kept people away for too long. Mostly people that could have added positive vibes and value to my life. Who wants the company of a sadist? No one actually does.

Frowning might be the quickest thing to do but we can change many things with just a smile. Wearing a frown present our lives to others as gloomy no matter how sweet it is. It creates a barricade to the awesome person we are underneath and scare lovers away.

Whether you’ve lost a dear one, going through turbulent times, betrayed by a trusted friend, never let all these turn your smile away. For every bad that comes our way, a thousand good beckons but so you know a smile can make it quicker-get you that job, open doors for new friendship etc.

When things go wrong, smile, it confuses your adversary and shield you from friendly mockers. They wonder what you are up to, when they expect that you frown but see you smile, it drives them nut. So we say a “a smile is a shield for your heart against darts and pollutants.”

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Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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