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If you haven’t read Déjà vu and the old phone, you should do that before continuing with this post. Initially and maybe that’s what it is, I wanted to share this lesson with writers alone but if you’ve found yourself here, you can join the train.

Having said that, on this post I will be dwelling on how we approach tech especially our phones and how we use them.

I would have said I had nothing much to loose from my memory card that was gone since I lost important media files and my original works were already on my tablet but that would be false. Initially I felt so but after some days, the reality of all the irretrievable files I lost dawned on me – they were huge. I should be shouting hallelujah at the top of my lungs for the ones I transferred but I am not. I was typically Nigerian with my phone. I remember countless times, the voice in my head told me to save them to Google Drive but I kept saying I will, I will. My procrastination never had a deadline and I am not alone in this bandwagon, it’s a Nigerian thingy, na awa thing! We want to insure our life, our homes, cars, gadgets but we forget to insure the documents.

Well, if you are not a writer, it won’t hurt when you loose over a hundred downloaded eBooks – I lost more than that. Let me take it a bit further, if you are not a writer, you won’t understand how catastrophic life becomes when you loose just a 10 pages manuscript. Ten pages are much, a 250 words article would be best. It feels like you’ve lost existence and for days, you will loose motivation, oh my, you will be singing: swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home. Unfortunately, not even the chariot of Elijah will retract the past, the Déjà vu of a lost original masterpiece.

So, where are we getting it wrong?

The bittersweet truth is that we don’t provide backups for our documents which is catastrophic. As knowledgeable as I was about these things, I just stayed unnerved and ultimately, when life happens which it always will, I fall back to level one. This is going to happen to you soon if you don’t take the steps I want to take. You can wake up one morning and your system gets messed up or stops working and you have to format or flush it and there you have the worst story you will ever live to write – how I lost my life like a pack for cards, because these things we write are our lives in blocks. When that happens, you will finally know sorcery is as real as the earth exists as does God.

To proactively stop the dooms day from happening, we have to take these steps to protect our intellectual property and hard work.

  1. Save your work on your Gmail account every weekend even unfinished manuscripts. You can do that by uploading it to save there. If you don’t know how, kindly ask Gmail as a query, they’ll provide the necessary answers but it’s not pretty difficult.
  2. Send your documents as email to yourself once you feel its good to be secured. To do this just upload your document and add recipient and sender then send. Even if you don’t have two Gmail accounts, don’t worry, just add your one email address in the sender and recipient and you will receive your document. The benefit is that even if you loose your phone and everything, you can always download them from Gmail as long as your account is not deactivated.
  3. Open a Google Drive account and save your documents including music files, pictures, videos, etc. That’s your best insurance for your documents.
  4. You can also save in cloud, there are many software that lets you do that, find one and optimize it today.
  5. Facebook also allows you to save your documents on your business page or group owned by you without the public knowing. Just save it like a file without publishing. This has pros and cons like hacking. If you have to go this route, let your password be very good.
  6. Save on your website. I try to upload every blog articles immediately I am done and do every other editing on the back-end. But if you’re not a blogger, fine. But I know every writer needs a blog even if it’s just a portfolio blog.
  7. Lastly, you can have your documents on multiple devices. Share it across various devices – laptop desktop, phone apps, tablets, etc.This was my saving grace for my original files. If you have a phone, a tab and a system, you can use them as your guard, copy your files across all so that if one fails, you can fall back to the other. I believe all cannot fail at once, except the prophet is hired like Balaam.

Which of these will work for you? For me, I am going all the way with Google Drive and any cloud hosting option. That’s less risky in terms of security. Either way you choose, these are better options to losing your intellectual sweet.

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