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Websites and blogs are here to stay and I personally think it’s one of the best innovations that writers and authors can tap into. Gone are the days when we were reclined only to our physical hamlets and village squares, these days, we can create online village squares without being technologically squared. It’s a changing world and to stay relevant, you have to positively change with the change.

And that is why I have been reading up on some of the magic we can make do with tech to get us on the same altitude with our audience.

Social Media is quite a good tool but let’s cut it, we really don’t have time to follow all the buzz that happens there.

Unfortunately, they think we’re fronting when we say we don’t have time for social media but we know better. They can’t live in our shoes for a day and not close every freaking social account. Writing is mentally tasking, social media is ten bars more. We can’t combine both and still maintain our sanity; one needs go for the other and because writing is what we breathe, we pitch our tent here – we die there. Lol.03 WAYS TO EDIT YOUR BLOG CONTENT YOURSELF

But then, even if we can’t be so socially savvy and cannot possibly run a blog, we can create a presence that our audience can connect with. That presence is having a writer’s portfolio website. I see you chicken out at the mention of that, you are contemplating on who will run it, budget and etc. It’s not rocket science people. It’s an investment which will be worth every penny and time.

First, a portfolio website will show your fans and readers that you are updated and serious about your what you do. Then it’s a place where your fans can interact with your works.

Say, you wrote a short story and need reviews, all you need do is publish it and ask your fans to help review it which they will gladly do. Also, it’s way better than social media because it keeps your works like a museum without external interference.

You have you and yourself as the author of your website, no one tagging you, you can delete and approve comments before they go live. And ultimately, you can easily manage it once the designer is done with the web design.

All you need is a guide on how to handle your dashboard, write posts, optimize for SEO, add media and videos, publish, approve comments. That’s not much of a hard nut.

Does that sound like a blog? Of course not. A portfolio website is very streamlined but you can tweak a blog into it if you feel you want to post articles once in a while. So you are not setting up a full website like SL Kreativez.PORTFOLIO WEBSITE

Hang in there while we put a portfolio website in the right definition.
Folio website has this to say,

A portfolio website has one job: to showcase your work and land you your next job. Format magazine writes that 63% of the decision to hire a creative for a job comes from their portfolio.

Your portfolio needs to delight, to inspire, and to prove to potential clients that you’ve got what it takes to create the shots they need. Potential clients need to fall in love with your work via your portfolio website.

In a nutshell: Your website explains who you are, where you are, and how you do your business. Your blog proves that you’re up to date with trends and the thinking in your field of expertise, and that people trust you (via their comments and feedback on your posts). Your portfolio showcases the work that will guide clients to understand what you’re capable of and get you your next job.

Now that you pretty much know what it is all for, setting yours up would be a cool step.

Here’s a list of portfolio website examples that you can glance through for visual illustration of what it looks like.
Rosie Lee
Adheres Batista
Moronfola Yusuf
Plainsail Solution
Abule Graphics
These are design portfolios and contain different contents and styles. Having one for your writing career will be based on your style and need.

Your Portfolio Website can go from one page to three, you have a blog and a shop where you display all your books, clientele if you’re a paid writer or publications if you’re a publisher.

See my post on the 07 elements you need to consider for your writer’s portfolio website.

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