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This is a conclusion to the post Everything that Went Down at the Imbube African Book Festival 2017, and we will focus on How to Sell your Book in Nigeria, Piracy and Other Stuffs: A Panel Talk
Writing Your First Book and Getting Published by Steve Harris

Steve Harris:

Writing is not just a reflection of talent, it is also a business.

  1. Have an Idea of what you want to write. Identifying the purpose of your wanting to write it.
  2. Write/Record and transcribe your thoughts.
  3. Copyright it.
  4. Do your research, talk to people that your story or ideas relate to.
  5. Create your first draft.
  6. Send to readers to get opinions. To be on a safer side, distribute chapters instead of sending the whole book to avoid theft of your work. The impact of this is that it helps you know the relevance of your book to the idea you’re writing on. How your style goes with your audience and to know if the reader also sees the same reason for which you’ve written the book.

Steve Harris

How to Make your Book Stand Out
  1. Understand your audience and their reading span. Don’t write 100 pages for a kid’s book or a 200 page for the teens. As Mr. Steve Harris says, people buy books after considering a number of things
  • Book cover and aesthetics.
  • Number of pages
  • Mental calculation of how long it will take the reader to finish the book.
  1. Volume of your message. A tutorial book should be les lengthy than a fiction. And once you believe you’ve exhausted the idea your set out to pass, your book is ready. Don’t go overboard, people like tact and straight to the point non-fiction. For fiction, you can be more creative and initiative than the former.
  2. Have a standard.
  3. Create a demand for what you want to sell even before it is ready. Or better put, start marketing the moment you start writing.
  4. Lastly, not the least, make your book relatable. This is for non-fiction writers though. A fiction writer is not dictated by trends so they’re not compelled by trends.
On Book Piracy in Nigeria and How to Fix it by Emeka Nwankwo and Seun Badejo

We will give you points to take home since the discussion was quite lengthy, hence we can only break it into points.

How to Sell your Book in Nigeria

Emeka Nwankwo

  1. Book piracy can be curbed by strategic distribution outlets in the country.
  2. Piracy can be a good tool for the writer: Speaking on this, the panelists though sternly against piracy also had to remark that it could be used to promote a writer.
  3. People want to know you before they read you, so start thinking of ways to get that happening.
  4. Let people know what you do as a writer and build your brand. The world has changed and so should the writer, you don’t stay back, away from social media and expect anyone to know what you do. You’ve got to put yourself out there and watch as you gain the spotlight.
  5. Book reading is not the problem with Nigerians, prices and other factors are.
How to write your first book and be A Best Selling Author by Edirin Edewor and Ini Akpan
How to Sell your Book in Nigeria

Edinrin Edewor

How to Sell your Book in Nigeria

Ini Akpa

  1. Have an idea of the story you want to tell whether it’s fiction or non-fiction
  2. Record your thoughts as they come to you. This demands that you always have a note pad or book where you jot down inspiration as they come to you because an idea once lost may never come back.
  3. Write it or transcribe into a draft.
  4. Send to readers. Distribute chapters of your work to friends or anyone you know in the creative field to get feedback on your work. They should be able to tell you the relevance, style and message of your work and the value.
  5. Get an editor.
  6. Check the volume of your work in line with the personae f your intending readers. We’ve mentioned this before.
  7. Have a standard for your work.
  8. Market your work. This should start at the moment you start writing your book. Build anticipation in your audience.

And there you have it, the little we could gather for this year. Next year’s promises to be better and bigger and we will be privileged to bring you more accurate happenings.

Compiled by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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