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Faith is a lost cause in a world of see-believe. Peradventure, we can’t blame anyone, there’s subtle anarchy brewing at the nucleus of our togetherness but a lot others can cause the demise of faith, disappointment being the chiefest of all. Disappointment at the leadership or “rather ruler-ship” of the nation, the gluttonous wealth seekers, itchy-hand civil servants. what about betrayals here and there by friends and foes alike. Faith had been lost tey! tey!.

Well, pardon me to say, faith has not been lost as we may perceive and while no one should believe in fallacy, we should still employ optimism in overcoming all ills set against us. Faith is really about never giving up on what you believe (I hope it’s positive though?), another word to capture faith could be “RESILIENCE’ (big grammar huh!, use Oxford…lol).

I see faith everywhere I go, everyday of my wake and this is an eulogy to those who still find faith in a fateful situation.

To all the farmers scattered in Borno, Benue, Jos and other northern states, to those in the East, West and South-South, it is your faith that plough the field to give us good food to keep us fat and plump. A world Ovation for you and the earth bless your beings.

The dressmakers, tailors, fashion designers, we take a bow for you. We look all nice and dapper, thanks to the magic of your needles and threads.

To the masons, bricklayers, civil engineers. For you we have homes, bridges and roads across mighty oceans. We salute your diligence.

To the midwives, nurses, doctors that keep sleepless nights to keep us fit, we offer you our thanks.

The focused students of ivory institutions all over Nigeria, this is to you, you have a lot to prove to the world and generations to come. To you, we say Aluta Continua!

To all market people, iya alata’s, Alaba people, Idumota, tradefair, the fish grillers of Niger delta, Ogbete market people, Aba-Ngwa hustlers, Oga Driver, shoemaker, Buns sellers, traffic hawkers, you are the real Nigerians. Keep up the hustle.

To the artist, producer, musicians, actors, craftsmen and women, models, directors, writers, bloggers, news people, theatre guys, painters and all forms of art, well-done sirs and ma’s. Once again Break a leg!

To the electricians, barbers, barrow pushers, aboki’s at Mile 12 lagos, the waste-bin collectors, we see you.

To the prayer warriors of all religion and promoters of peace, we doff our hats for you. Your labor in secret shall manifest in the open.

To all well-meaning Nigerians and Seekers of Truth, welcome to Seekers Locus. We’re glad to have you here.

Behold Nigeria, Thy people are great!

 Copyright © 2017 Esther Okoloeze. All Rights Reserved.

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I'm in love with life, learning and positive energy. I'm here to make a bit of a difference. Totally Freespirited! Like a bird.


  1. Queen Esther 6th February 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Thanks Angela.

  2. Angela 6th February 2017 at 10:18 am

    Beautiful piece!

  3. Queen Esther 5th February 2017 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks Bryan. It’s an honor having you on our locus.

  4. bryan 5th February 2017 at 7:08 pm

    very insightful

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