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Writing about Lofty Heights Conference takes me back to a period in my life when I was clueless about where my career was heading. That was in 2016, and I was like fish out of water when I saw Adaora Echendu’s Whatsapp message on a group we both belong to. I was enthusiastic about it and asked her what it was about which she freely offered.

One of the first spurs for me was that Frank Edwards was going to be a speaker. Everyone close to me know I love his songs from here to the heavens, so I was like, ‘babe I won’ t miss it for anything in the world. Frank Edwards’ songs pulled me through the university, some mornings I will just lay on my bed listening to Chukwu Mo’ Nso and it helped me know God was always going to be with me through thick and thin.’ I wanted to meet him and tell him how his songs inspired me and helped me through the hard seasons of being an undergraduate.

That was my only desire but some days later, Adaora and me were talking about volunteering. That was fabulous, I said, though I was fraught with that the organizers may ask for more than I was willing to commit – I was cash stranded then and all I could give was my sheer interest. But she encouraged me and I volunteered for the second edition tagged Take The Lead. And boy! that was my first official volunteering experience which plunged me into the volunteering hobby that I now so cherish, which after writing and cooking have become the next thing I do with natural joy.

At LHC 2017, I worked on the content development team with beautiful minds like Oba Olaseni, Ayodele Prestige, PaulPose, Odunayo, Stella Iwuajoku, Zaccheaus and a host of others. They all opened me up to a new world, that wowed me and felt like ‘Esther, what have you been doing all these while?’ It was the beginning of my journey into content writing.

These folks were encouraging, we worked like family, it was so endearing. We learned the ‘well done sir!’ greeting. Coach Wale was amiable, always encouraging us to be at our best and though he was away in Canada, we felt like he was with us. He had practically coached OluwaTea, Julius Osimen, Arewa, Lumi and the team and events head so brilliantly that they didn’t need him to be up on their game.

They were just taking the lead in their different roles – I was inspired seeing youths my age handle such big event and I said to myself, ‘I ain’t ever gonna be below my current disposition in life, there’s more for me and if these can be personally pumped to give their best, I must be like them. I will make them my friends, learn from them and more.’

And yeah, some of them turned out to be cool friends especially Oluwatobi Shola Abiola – God bless you sister, Julius Osimen, Stella, PaulPose, Odunayo and Prestige.

That was my beautiful time with the team, I haven’t even told you how the event itself transformed me. If you think you like what you see on this website, read on.

At the event, Frank Edwards showed up and I took home his very first word – Every event you attend and take pictures with celebrities, when are people going to start taking pictures with you?’ Truth be told, I don’t have a knack for stalking popular people for pictures and even though Mr Frank was one person I would have loved to famz, I decided to go with his words as a memorial. I have always mused over that.

Japheth Omojuwa helped me see that I haven’t even started when he spoke about bringing himself to ground zero after the day’s work. I grabbed that, no matter how far you go Esther, you haven’t started, never let it get into your head, you just have not started.

I really can’t write about everything that happened at the event – my memories remember it all too well. How Akpororo gave us sensibility even as he made us gag – dude actually lived with some asinine folks one time in his life, that was one of the experiences that informs his performance on stage.

Mr Fela Durotoye took the event to a new level – that man is more than ordinary motivation, he’s got the filling.

How would I forget Ayodeji Megbope – that moimoi story was everything I needed to know it’s never too late to start and that we have all been uniquely packed by God for a time like this in history. I can go on and we will never finish with this article.

The final moment for me was when I got home and saw the goal setting page on the brochure. I was like I have to do something, I needed to follow through with what I learned. So, I said I was going to start a blog and someday write a post for LHC.

I also made it a duty to myself to learn more than ever, I spent lesser time on Facebook – I left Facebook for a year so I could get clarity on my purpose. That discipline has helped me manage my time and how I use it.

I achieved some of the goals I wrote but for others, well, they went with the year.

When 2018 conference came up, I was among the first to volunteer and as long as I am in Nigeria, I will always be a LHC volunteer and even if I am out of the country, I will be on the social media or content team because I believe that more than anything, Lofty Heights Conference is not another motivation gathering.

It’s a place for any youth aspiring towards a complete being to find some worthwhile knowledge for the days ahead, it’s a gathering to build an incredible network, get your purpose redefined and push yourself to do more. And who knows, you might find love in LHC!

Thank you LHC for inspiring me to find the winning edge, helping me to take the lead, rethink and now I am Made for More. You opened my eyes to a new world that has affected my career as an entrepreneur, writer and Editor. I know more youth find help because you make us believe we can be anything we aspire to. Ever Proud Volunteer!

To register for LHC 2019, tap on this beautiful color.

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