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My Dream Reality

I’ll caress my dreams till they became reality

I’ll wrap them round and round my forehead

Like a turban,

I’ll wrap them till I chant them like psalms

I’ll wear them on my waist

Like an Indian Princess in her charming attire

Like the Jigida I’ll wear them and

With each motion they’ll jingle to attract thousand eyes

Like a beautiful maiden,

I’ll sway my waist till Princes take notice of their enticing twist

I’ll wear them like the mascara of a city model

Like the makeup of a betrothed bride,

I’ll adorn me with them like the corals of a Benin Princess

My arms shall bear them

Like the henna decorations of an Hausa bride

Like the pen of a scholar,

I’ll inscribe them upon the walls of my heart

I’ll speak them like a wordsmith,

And with voice as that of rushing water I’ll utter them

To the street corner!

To the house top!

To the Urban dwellers!

To the Locals!

Across Oceans and Lands!

Mountains and Valleys!

Through the Sahara and Wahala!

Like the voice of a raging sea

I’ll proclaim them

Like an American Volcano

Like a tornado

Like an earthquake from Middle East

Like an African thunderstorm

Like a northern whirlwind

My dreams will take siege on the hearts of all mortals

Till the Messengers of truth bear it to nations

And the birds sing them to forest creatures

Till the city keep wake for the birth of my reality

Till spring declares it to the harvesters of fortune


Till rumors becomes tales and tales become legend

And till the court of Great Lords banquet on it

Till the Mafia’s recount it

And the maidens droll over it

Till Prince’s beckon for my reality

I won’t stop dreaming

I’ll bind them to my heart like a diamond crest

I’ll bathe me with them like a thousand rainbows on a blue cloud

Like the butterfly

I’ll caress my dreams till my caterpillar metamorphose

Like an enchantment

I’ll let my dreams drive me till I birth my reality.

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