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Let’s Live Today and Tomorrow We Die focuses on Talents and the fear that surrounds how we use them in our daily life. I can’t really place a hand on how this post was inspired but I certainly remember it was from a significant event. I hope to put it in the perfect picture as at when the inspiration first held me.

Let’s look at the headline again, what comes to our mind as we read the words with emphasis on the first part “Let’s Live Today and Tomorrow We Die?” Hold on, were you thinking it suggests we should only plan for today because tomorrow is uncertain? If that was about to creep into your mind just push it out like it’s alien.

One thing is certain and that is I can’t say I know everyone on the surface of the earth but I can say at one point or the other, someone somewhere have been through this what this post is about. There was a time when I was always in deep thoughts and stuffs like what lies at the end of my life, what is the need of going through the struggle when tomorrow I may breathe my last, what if i failed?

Dancing spirits

I felt there was no need to make a change or even put the gifts I have to good use. Did I tell you that the paramount fear was the fear of failure and the ridicule that would follow, the fear of mediocrity and not meeting even my own standards? I also felt that the world already had enough people doing great stuffs such that whatever I had would make no difference.

Well, you can say I was overwhelmed but i appreciate the voice of truth that kept telling me it was more than what tomorrow brings and that no talent in its simplest measure is a waste. Did you hear that?

…no talent in its simplest measure is a waste.

Moreover, the world never gets enough of its ‘Needs’ because the resources are always scarce. I also had to understand that, every one of us have a quota to add to humanity and while some of us will shine within, others would go on to light up world stages and so on. This doesn’t put one higher than the other or lesser.

It was a struggle to accept this truth but I just wouldn’t give up because I felt vague knowing I could do more than I was letting myself do. I know I could but I wasn’t living my today because I was afraid of the imaginary death that will come unknown and the failure of not being up to standard. That’s a true confession many are scared to admit.

If you will judge me wrong, no problem but I defeated that feeling, yes, with each day I am much better and soaring above my fears but something has struck me of recent.

I have the privilege of being a Lagos brought up and when I look around my environment, I see people, youths who are laid-back because they are afraid of what tomorrow will be. Many of us just roll with the day as it passes by. You know like the nursery rhyme roll roll roll your boat… we are afraid of trying our reasonable best since we feel we will be mocked if we fail.

We ask ourselves, what if I don’t get it right? I know this is not a nice scenario but that’s the truth. A lot of people with great potentials are afraid of failing and being ridiculed but that is what I call dying the death of tomorrow. I have also come to be enlightened that failure is not a bad cause in the pursuit of purpose, it’s totally not.

Because you only live once

See, let’s get something straight, I know you have read books on this but I speak from the log that was in my eyes. I had to quit two jobs in two years and pursue what makes me happy but the road hasn’t been easy and I know I haven’t even started but am I looking for the failure in my efforts? No, I am looking at the ways I can align everything to make my today worthwhile because sincerely I don’t know what tomorrow will throw at me but I am certain I can take it. Can you?

How can you if you aren’t living today, what zeal will you have to face the giants tomorrow?

And you know the irony of tomorrow, it never comes just like GODOT in Samuel Beckett’s epic play “Waiting for Godot.”

Tomorrow is like GODOT, it never shows up.

So, stop let’s living with pessimism. Let the world cheer or boo at your efforts but don’t ever remain inertia, you’ve got to deliver to the God who gives talent, if you believe in one like I do. Will you approach him empty-handed? And what would be your story? “I was afraid of making mistakes, I was afraid of being booed at, I was afraid of tomorrow….” Will these be the reasons why you didn’t live today nor put in your best? I won’t take those reasons if I were him and I sure won’t give none either.

So get your thoughts together and live for today because tomorrow we die, well maybe not, remember tomorrow is a myth. Chao!

Written by
Esther Okoloeze

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