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What hope is there for us tomorrow if our today is not even existing?

The river bank has swollen, a poison to the Land

The river bank has swollen

Yet no fishes

The children wait in silence

With hooks and worms

Today there’ll be no bounty

The winter came along with rain

Ah!, what is happening

Our bones shrink

Today there’ll be no snow

Neither will spring bloom

The corn is ripe

A strange fire appeared

What shall we do?

Today there’ll be no harvest

Hahahaha! echoed the monster of drought

The rigs are pumping

The dam powered but

Darkness is everywhere

When will dawn be?

Today there’ll be no¬†dawn

The bells are ringing

The bride adorned in her robe

The strange alarm sounded

A groom estranged


There’ll be no marriage

The tree is green

Blooming with fresh fruits eaten by the winds

Dripping rotten flesh

Today there’ll be no desert

The campaign is here

Tomorrow we go to poll

And then we’ll discover

That today there’ll be no justice

The tithe is bulging

Baskets of offering running over

Yet hungry souls leave laden

Today there’ll be no shepherd

The chameleon has given birth

It’s neither a toad nor lizard

Away with the child of deceit

Cry of acrimony everywhere

Today there’ll be no hope

Away with tomorrow

Away with yesterday

Let today deliver good

Let fishes fill our ocean

Let hungry souls be satisfied

Let humanity birth a new dawn

Let today live

Let our future live today.

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I'm in love with life, learning and positive energy. I'm here to make a bit of a difference. Totally Freespirited! Like a bird.

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