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Everything that Went Down at the Imbube African Book Festival 2017 Part 1

Welcome seekers, we have made a compilation of Everything that Went Down at the Imbube African Book Festival 2017 and it’s loaded. Sit back and glean from this rich action-packed and detailed article. Read the conclusion in the next post and come back for more next year…lol

Imbube a Zulu word for Lion is a festival and award event inspired by Chinua Achebe’s quote that says:

Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. It’s not one man’s job. But it is something we have to do, so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”

The festival that had in attendance writers, lyricists, poets, academicians and creative people from within and outside Nigeria took place at The National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos on 28th Oct, 2017. The event was organized by Silas Okwocha and his team.

It was a well planned event but it’s regrettable that many who should have been there missed out not only on the rich array of panelist but also on the impact of such event in their career. A lot of questions is left to be asked as it looked like Nigerian youths are more inclined to frivolous events than that which should add value to them.

Imbube African Book Festival 2017

Imbube Festival Flier

Away from that gloomy feeling, we bring you in bits some of the sparks that made it a worthwhile literary event. And if you missed this year’s, be sure you don’t miss next years. And next year’s event is most likely to happen at the University of Lagos since Prof. asked that the event be brought home to students. We will also keep our community posted once we get more details.

Let’s get it rolling then.

Enajite Efemuaye TED Talk Style on “How to Be a Book Critic: Do’s and Don’ts”

At the Imbube African Book Festival held in TNT, Lagos, she spoke at length on book reviews and criticism in Nigeria.

First things first, this lady had a strong personae and she’s one you would always want to listen talk and she makes sense in her talks and charisma. In a way, she’s both beauty, carriage and brain and she didn’t fail to bring that into her address. I hope I can do justice to all she said, but if I don’t, pardon me. I’ll try better next time.

Who is a Book Critic?

A book critic is not someone who picks a book, reads it and because there’s an aspect he or she isn’t comfortable with calls the book trash. A book critic is one that reflects on a book in diverse way. And opinion giving is not a critique -as plain as that. A critic does an overall check on a book and it’s conformation to some laid-down prerequisite.

A book critic is the following:
  1. A reader
  2. A discerning reader
  • A discerning reader tells the intent of the author.
  • Understands the influence behind the book. For example, what preempted the book? A book critic requires putting in context of what the writer says and not what he/she thinks they should have said.
  1. Know how to write: He or she mustn’t be the best at it but if a critic can write, then he’s accustomed to how a book should be written to be ranked among the best or how not to. This will afford the critic the know-how on the job.
  2. Have an academic background: This is a bonus because it gives a basic foundation to the critics craft on understanding how criticism works.
  3. Be a die-hard fan of Books. Like he/she practically live and breathe on books.
Imbube African Book Festival 2017


Why do we need critics?
  1. To complete the process of art: Critics complete the process of an art work either performing, creative, motion, literary etc. Art will always need the critic to keep up the standard because critics are like the regulating agencies that points the artist, writer, producer, artiste to the standards. While all art creators have the artistic liberty to be self-expressive, they are also to maintain some standard because art in all forms has rules. You don’t just write trash and shove it down our throat…lol.
  2. Keep record and make doorways for future generations.
  3. Determine what the literary canon in the field become.
The Do’s and Don’t
  1. Don’t break your criticism into topic format like Plot, Characterization, and Diction etc. Let it flow seamlessly without having to make the reader feel like, oh! That’s the plot. A single thread running through the criticism with connecting words can be the difference between a good critic and a bad one.
  2. Shun mediocrity. Don’t write the summary of the book and call it criticism or rigmarole and end up with the cliche “It’s a good book” or “It’s trashy” blah blah blah.
How to Energize Book Critics and Criticism
  1. Create spaces where critics are groomed.
  2. Pay people who can write to be critics.
  3. Engage the media for support and promotion.

Read the conclusion to this post here.

Compiled by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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