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I have seen, heard, and watched people enter and leave this hotel. I bet you, I know what any other person don’t know, because, I take people to and fro anywhere in this hotel, so when I tell you I know, believe me, I know!!!

Relax, and let me tell you a few of them.

The other day, a man and a woman sauntered into my belly. Once they asked me to take them to 3rd floor, the man rushed towards the woman and started to kiss her like a hungry dog would grab a bone.

He began to touch every part of her. When he wanted to pull up her blouse, she retorted;

“Fr. Wait let’s us get to the room. This is why we are here.”

“Don’t call me Fr. here. My name is Sanctus. Call me Fr. whenever we are in the parish.”

“Ok Fr. Steve.” She laughed.

He pulled out a rosary from her black gown.

“Keep this for the convent Sister Darlene.”

They both laughed.

I have also watched people cry. Sometimes, I wish I could comfort them, but I can’t.

Once, a young man excitedly sauntered into my belly and asked I take him to the fourth floor. He didn’t even know how to use my buttons. He kept pressing them and I got confused.

When he got into me at first, he was excited and was talking loudly. He marveled at the magnificence of the hotel. When I moved, he was thrilled. He was so happy and I wanted to share in his happiness, but I could not.

Some hours later, the young man came out.

This time, he was not the same person as when he came in. I remembered him; because, of all the people I have taken to the floors within the hotel, he was the most excited, and because, he got me confused.

He was no longer excited. His face was squeezed and his eyes, dropped. I wanted to ask him what happened but I could not.

Suddenly, he began to hit me.

He punched me so hard that his fist began to hurt. Then he broke down and started crying. He still doesn’t know how to operate my buttons.

When I opened my belly for him to leave, he quickly rose, cleaned his face and wore a smile.

I wondered what happened to him.

How about a young lady in her late 20s.

When she walked into my belly and ordered I take her to the top floor, she swore in her breathe that “she was going to rip this man dry in pocket, and from life,” because, her friend betrayed her, and her punishment is – ripping the man dry in pocket, and off from life.

By the time they spoke again, she will be in tears for her father.

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About the Author:

Cynthia Adaobi Okpala is a fiction and creative non fiction writer. Her passion and hobby revolves around what deals with art. She writes on social media for now and hopes to expand her coast. You can follow her work at; Cynthia Okpala(Global Woman) -Facebook Global_woman01- IG

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