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This fine natures’ poem explores the attributes that make the wind mysterious, the fire fearsome and snow alluring.

I am the first

I sweep to refresh, to purge, to spur

My beginning and end is unknown

You feel me but I cannot be seen

No mortal can hold me to ransom

I am like God

I exist but none can explain my direction

East, west, north and south I roam

In summer, I cool the evenings

In winter, I send the chills

I am here nor there but I am

I am the second

I burn, I glow, I blow

I shine like a refined gold but I am fierce

Nothing stands in my path

I turn castles to ashes, fleshes to mere ashes

I am cruel but I am not crooked

I am ignited by mortals and do their biddings

Without my own volition, I torment their flesh

Man shrieks from my torment, my victims abhor me

But without me existence is marred

I give the spur to make stomachs ache from

Overfeeding of delicious cuisines

My efforts make fingers smack at the poor man’s habitation

I make a rhythm of folks, knives and plates

I thicken savored soups

I create passion in the bosom of men

I ignite hearts to beat as one

I heat up the desires of lovers

I am the force of fierce adventure

I am calm, gentle and cold

White as the hearts of the angels

I am seasonal, exceptional and delicate

I melt at the touch of heat but in my multitude

Is death as cold as a chill

I announce the coming of a merry season

In my coldness, hearts make merry

I am welcomed and not

I come in a great company

To harm none, save the unprepared

I make the streets white when the colorful lights

Light up their trees

In my time and season

Everywhere reads “Merry Christmas”

I bring hope, love and joy

I am the third

I am the wind, the fire and snow and I am not

I am the seasons that call to a new adventure

To the unknown, the fierce and pure

Wind, fire and snow

Unknown, fierce and pure

I am all in one, one in all and still I am not

I am just what you think I am.

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