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I couldn’t believe this, I couldn’t believe all that I was hearing – they were all saying nice things about me. Me, the misogynist, the misandrist, in short, number one world hater. I hated everybody and didn’t hide that fact from the world.

Did Chibuzor just say I was a helper in difficult times? Me, who would never lift a finger to aid anyone?

I didn’t just hear that, but did Anita just say I give good relationship advice? Please! I am an avid advocate of the single lifestyle.

Oh no! Tabitha are you being serious?

I stood up for you when you were being bullied? I am not a fan of bullying but speak up for someone else? Nada! That is so not me.

This is beginning to creep me out, Cynthia who hated my guts just said that I was a loving and quiet person. That is only because I knew that I would’t look good in prison stripes. I loved my hoodies!

Still looking on in wonderment, I see Cecilia with tears in her eyes and her black mascara dripping down her face looking like a twilight monster, trying to wipe her tears with a drenched handkerchief only to make a bigger mess. Now, she looks worse than the zombies in Goosebumps. Ah! Here she goes:

“Alyssa was the embodiment of the word ‘awesome.” I visibly cringed because these were all lies. I am sarcastic through and through that my sarcasms were most times construed as insults.

But then, what was I expecting?

I was dead and they were at my funeral.

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About the Author:

I am Ginika, from a family of three girls and I am the middle child. I am a proud graduate of European Studies (French & German) from UI, Ibadan. I read lots of books and trust me there are no bad books, except you mean poorly written ones. Call me a Dan Brown Fanatic, still you will catch me getting lost in the feminist world of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

One Comment

  1. Iyanuoluwa 29th October 2018 at 9:53 am

    Beautiful piece… I guess this is as a result of what we’ve been told “you don’t speak ill of the dead (even if the dead is the devil’s incarnate)”

    But we never though about the message being passed across. This for me is we supporting evil. but you said it already we live in a world full of hypocrites.

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