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What will Nigerians not see in this 2018? Different stories making it to the national dailies and more youths are getting fed-up with our dear Nigeria. Some weeks back, I was in a bus going to Oshodi and overhead some radio presenters lamenting the devastating effect of corruption and vices in Nigeria. They recounted the story of a thief that said ‘I am not a badoo, I am just a thief.’ Hian, is one crime na better than another? As if that one is not enough, one agbaya Goffnor said that ‘It is better to be a thief than a drug pusher.’ Chineke me. As in the man said it in Igbo. Country don spoil ooo.

To add salt to our injury, they na carry the money swallow snake abi its snake that swallow money? We don’t even know who to believe; the person that said snake swallow money or the snake that have said ‘I did not swallow money.’ Or the association of snakes saying ‘We must fish out the snake.’ Or we should kuku ask the money, ‘What swallowed you?’ My people which way?

That was how few days ago, I boarded a bus on my way to somewhere around Lagos, yes, it’s a somewhere ooo. If I mention the somewhere who knows the animal that will start tracing my address. Ha, I can’t even shout before tortoise will na crawl out of my bag and people will be shouting ‘Isakaba Isakaba.’ Mtchew. This country don hard ooo, person must take sense follow am, abi wetin una say make I talk?

As I was inside our national Lagos bus, you know that yellow one na, the fine yellow danfo. That was how I heard people laughing ooo and pointing to one lanky guy like that. Lo and behold, when I looked, nna, my brother was looking sweet and dapper ooo.

This my lanky brother had a nice shirt to match his black pant and wore a black tie to add to the spice. So what were they fussing about? What’s wrong with the guy being on corporate on a bright Monday morning?

“Look am na. Him na conductor.” The passenger sitting beside me responded, I had no choice than to take a second gaze at him.

Wow, I said as the young man relishing in the stare he had created jumped up and down calling ‘next turn here, ewole ewole.’ He was just too much of a sight to behold.

I wanted to bring out my phone for some shots but the driver chose that instance to hit the road and I am left with the memory of the Lagos bus conductor who wore a tie and corporate on a Monday morning.

That one gave me hope, someday, maybe someday, things go make sense. But for now, when I want to despair, I will always remember this conductor that chose to be different.

Do you think he had a message to pass? Please share what you learned from him.

I learned a lot too.

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