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What is the first image that runs through our mind when we encounter the word “Scars?” Are they pictures of unpleasant memories, experiences that we’d totally want to erase and bid farewell to?

Hmmm, No one is alone in this because I for one always wished I could help people erase theirs when I encounter them. Scar is a symbol that indicates that life can play a fast one on us, you know, a split-second bike accident that left one paralyzed or a terrible fall, the list is endless.

Scar to a child who favors cartoon is only the name of a cartoon character -I’m certain we all remember Mufasa’s brother, Scar in the cartoon animation, Lion King. But in reality, a scar experience is offensive and scary.

Growing up, I was one of those who abhorred scars, I guess from one I obtained on my forehead at early childhood. That memory was for me one that always discouraged me from quarrels that could degenerate to fights. Having an accidental scar was enough warning, I never wanted one gotten from a conscious effort. This outright dislike followed me to adulthood. I pitied people with it, most time I couldn’t look at them for pity sake. Each look made it seem I was living in their skin (can I get a witness).

Following this, I was a proud, silent supporter of cosmetic remedial surgery until some recent event changed my perception of Scars.

I began to meet folks with humane character and from our conversations, I found out that most if not all scars have a history, I marveled and grew inquisitive. I began to ponder on these and a question kept popping up in my heart: If our scars are an archive of a historic event in our life, why should we be ashamed of them? Why do a plastic surgery if the scars are not life threatening?

From these revelations, I have become more endeared to people with scars. When I look at them and see the smiles on their faces irrespective of the pain in their experience, I see a people who are original, brave and willing to lead a life of courage because it is courageous people who won’t mind the storms they’ve encountered in life, they are willing to come out beautiful inside-out.

So, I salute all my friends and everyone out there living their life through physical evidence of their battles. I clap for your courage to face each new day -I celebrate your scars, your history, your victories.

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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