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Like a great Eagle on the apex of the tallest mountain, my ear sits above the horizon of the east to search out the mighty works of eastern sorcerers in a country not so far.

There’s a country called Nigeria with three major ethnic groups, one of these ethnic groups believe that their ancestors are from Israel. Not too long ago one of theirs wrote that things fall apart. What a book it was. Now that I have succeeded in getting your attention, let me come down from my high mountain and bring this home.

As you already know, I have a talent for eavesdropping which I have been putting to some use. So it happens that what I am about to tell you happens everyday in our villages in eastern Nigeria – this might be a long read.

About a year ago, a woman who had traveled to the village in the east returned with a complain that she was feeling pains in her legs, medically, nothing was found in it and so like it’s common among Easterners, she started going to prayer houses for some casting and binding. It was in one of those prayer houses that the prophet – nnanyi Elijah, holy man of Jah, told her that they sent pins to her legs – you will wonder who the they are.

English doesn’t give local words emphatic stress, so, I will say that in a more local way, they flashed pins into her legs – in Igbo, ha gharaya pin nukwu.

When we heard this we were amazed even though we know such was common but we didn’t even know that the Eastern sorcerers has taken their mighty works to another level.

Then oneday, someone visited our house and the issue of the eastern sorcerers and their mighty works came up. As usual, I was pressing my phone but my ears were wide open to the mystery of what is happening in our eastern villages.

There in our small sitting room, this woman whose tales are like spicy jollof rice told mother about one man from the village who was contending – dragging for one piece of land with another kinsman. Unknown to him, this kinsman had visited an Eastern charmers and buried the charm in the land they were contending for. The man one day decided to visit that land to inspect it, after all it is rightfully his. On getting to the land, they charmed him with stroke, I meant they paralyzed him with stroke.

At this point, I dropped the phone to hear more and more I heard that evening.

The tale bearer told mother that it was the new system in the villages but what she said next sent chills down our spines. She said these charms are easily sold in the open. That the sorcerers go about in wheelbarrows with their charm, anyone who wants to buy are always welcomed. At this point, mother had to ask her how possible it was for people to buy these charms including those in abject penury. The woman laughed and said, ‘they sell it for 50 naira only.’

Our mouths were open for what seemed like forever. Was this woman telling us that with just 50 naira, these charms can be bought?

She said more, ‘you see all those stroke here and there we hear, Mr A has stroke, Okoro has incurable wound?’ she spoke in Igbo, ‘ha na ghaya agha, they send it to their victims. If you and them are dragging land, they will only spend 50 naira and fiam, the person has stroke or they will send pins into the person’s leg and before you know it, the leg will swell up, big wound will appear and like that trouble have started for their victims. Okwa just 50 naira ooo ka ha ji na lu olu ukwu a, I mean only 50 naira to perform these mighty works.’

The wonders of this world washed through our body. How on earth? This isn’t nollywood for real because later when mum visited the village, she confirmed the gist to be true and more, the charms now sells for discount prices of 20 naira.

My tongue in my cheek, I am lost my people and so, I will leave this human horizon to the tallest of mountains until I bring you another Eavesdrop from my wanderings. I leave you now but not at the mercies of the Eastern sorcerers and their mighty works of evil.

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