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I am one of the few young folks who believe you can be exceptional and still have a deep faith in God and so I believe in miracle though I also am aware of the existence of the magical. I also believe that God is the giver of literary and creative abilities and we are unlimited about how we wish to explore this but this is just me watering the ground like an African that I am.

Few weekends ago, I was caught between going for an event I had registered to volunteer for or attend a volunteer meeting for an upcoming event or serve as a Pronouncer at a spelling bee contest organized by a section of my friends. Tough choice because all was vitally important and well,  there was no monetary compensation for any so, it was a matter of loyalty. In the end, my friends won, and I attended the event with much joy.

Boom! After about four hours, we climaxed when the winners emerged and to our amazement, the two top winners from the secondary category were public schools students and girls too. Those kids wowed everyone. And I make bold to say, with the turn of the table, private schools is a flop in Nigeria and you can see why I particularly feel they’re a huge sham. Maybe there are exceptions anyway.

The event ended and I rushed out to Slot to get a phone for a relative and in my jovial mood was gisting with the guy since we were already familiar with the each other from previous purchases. I told him how much I loved Huawei products and how I bought my phone of over three years from that particular branch.

He smiled and asked to see the phone. Hehehehe! I scrambled my hand inside my bag and like juju, there was nothing. I told him the phone wasn’t in my bag and we tried my line, it rang but no one picked, so we had hope. After contemplating what brand to get for my relative, we settled for Nokia and sealed the deal.

I left to search for the phone at the event venue, it was futile, when I was beginning to get overwhelmed,  I begged the kindhearted hosts to take my leave.

Like we say, wetin go happen go happen and maybe I wasn’t surprised because earlier in the week I had a kind of feeling about losing the phone and I had been careful all week-long.

So when it finally happened, it was a déjà vu, I had seen it before it happened. And this was not a first time occurrence and I am beginning to see the patterns of these sorts of foreshadowing. Who thinks it’s possible to see things before they happen? Or am I becoming weird because I don’t get the clear picture until it happens then everything just snaps and I find myself saying: I saw this somewhere in the past or I saw this somewhere.

The day after, the host called to tell me the phone was back, the cleaner had picked it; God bless her heart but my memory card was gone. And gone with it were my music files, Pinterest downloads, eBooks and pictures.

I still have my contacts intact and like I said, I had premonition and had sent all my documents to my tab the day before and the African literature I got few days earlier. I felt the need to move everything I had on my reading app too, but unfortunately, I didn’t transfer all, especially from Adobe Acrobat – I lost just too many files there but these can be re-downloaded.

What I couldn’t have borne – though I would survive would have been all the contents I had spent sleepless nights writing and the synopsis of different story titles, these would have left me heartbroken had I lost them.

Back to my first statement on miracles and magic, the return of my old phone was a miracle everyone has told me. It doesn’t happen in Nigeria, when it happens, count it a supernatural cause. And funny enough, I didn’t go praying: Oh Lord let fire fall on them. I had a sound sleep and wished them the good of life. If they returned it, fine, if not, life goes on.

Moreover, my old phone needs a rest but I want to keep it for a memorial and that’s why it found it way back. Why for a memorial? Someday, you’ll know. Unfortunately, my memory card will only be a memory. Adieu dear memory card, I hope you find rest where you are, I miss you.

And finally, I learned some vital lessons from this experience, read here.

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