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Dear Life,

You are one awesome adventure that all souls must take on their gloom-bloom voyage. No mortal ever transverse this plain without kissing your earth. You hold the light and dawn of those here now and those foreshadowed. You hold the dark and mystery of all wight.

You know Life, I have been observing your ways from the time the light of intuition crept on my reasoning; and I have come to learn howbeit, a thing or two of you.

First, I tried to grasp your beginning but memory failed me because I can’t transcend beyond the seasons of my own beginning. Your end is a mirage that I can never know; can never experience if by any means consciously. None can tell of their end in you. You are insearchable Life.

I travelled to great castles and empires in time and out of time and all they compare you with is vanity found in riches untold, wealth unimaginable and affluence all-encompassing. The rich see you through the crystal glass of pure fantasy, gait, and splendor. You are sweet in vanity, sweeter than caramel.

I closed-in on the poor, they lamented, howled and cursed. Affliction they say makes the soul of man mad…hmm, the poor thinks all you hold is affliction, hises and cursing.

I tried to discipline myself; to attune myself to your wisdom, to learn from great men and heroes we think have conquered your rings. But even these wouldn’t fathom the whole of your depth and width.

Life, you are the craze, the brute, the grotesque, the happy, the shrewd, the cruel, the proud, the grand, the elegant, the weird, the wise, the foolish, the weak, the wacko, the psycho, the macho, the imp, the grand, the cheap, the complex, the sublime and the rest.

Life, one irony and paradox of you that still daze me is this “all men know that someday you will be gone like a sigh, like a nose breath yet they with joy look forward to each morning of your fading dawn.”

Life, you are sweet and only the living can testify of all the beautiful vanities in you. You are the drama, the accidents that shatter hopes. You are the joy of fulfilled dreams, of a journey well travelled.

Life, this is my letter of introspect to you. I wanted to comprehend you but I failed. I said let me learn your ways, I failed. None can tell your thread, they are intricate, humanity can’t grasp its web.

My letter has come to a close and I still don’t comprehend.

The writer

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