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T-Shirts are always pretty to wear, unique to look at, from their creative design to packaging and recently branding, we can’t be more grateful for easy-wear that’s also affordable. But have you ever thought more about shirts?  Because I like to think from the box in an all round the box way, I have put up this post worth a million more than dollars.

I bet it never crossed your mind what you can do with your shirts or maybe it has but you waved it off. And you never thought you could be saving huge amounts by wearing your tees with fabulous designs that show-off your brand. That same casual t-shirt you wear can be used to promote your brand, business or whatever product or idea you intend to sell to the public and potential clients and customers. Maybe you do but how many of us have sat to think of creative ways to use this as a means of mobile advertising? Have you?

Only a few and that shows how much value we have attached to this innovative idea. As a matter of fact, instead of wearing shirts that bear our brand identity, we are subconsciously cool with promoting the bigger names. I want to think like an Igbo girl, don’t blame me, sense wee not kee me but I write business here.

One lady that I admire a lot, Oluwatobi Sola-Abiola, CEO of Tea’s Nature caught this creative idea and she’s sure making some good returns by wearing her t-shirts branded to promote her business. She’s a real innovative MVP and you should be like her. Be proud of your brand and let everyone know about it wherever you go. If you ask me I’ll say, wear your business with you everywhere.

Moving on, I know companies use them and organizations for conferences and public advertorial. But what if you as an entrepreneur starting a small business opted for this? Is it beginning to make a little sense? I’m sure it is and since I don’t want this post to be a lengthy one, I’ll quickly run through the benefits of choosing this form for your adverts.

  • Cutting Cost: It saves you money while you rock your wear and get more money. That’s killing two birds with one stone – this Igbo sense kai.
  • Mobility: Because you can’t carry your business physically, what about wearing it everywhere you go. That looks doable.
  • Exposure and Visibility: From your parlor to the park, count the thousands you’ll meet and the curiosity your look will cause. Someone is noticing you already and remember it takes an average person eight times of contact to keep a brand identity, so I read.
  • Prestige and Branding: Well, it will make your doubters know you mean busy and because I know Nigerians like nice things not long someone will tell you to make one for them, extra income like that. Kikikiki, this is Nigeria, you have to be creative my people.
  • Recognition: Yes oh yes! So like my friend Tea’s Nature, exposing your brand will make more people keep the details and with time, they can easily recognize your brand even when you’re not there.

Who can use branded t-shirts for advertorial?

Different businesses can use branded shirts, organizations use them for campaigns, and political parties use them for rallies. As a startup you can customize one. Writers, bloggers and creative businesses can make some to promote book sales, blog and art galleries, events and workshops. There’s no end to who can use branded shirts for advertorial, if you’re selling something, you should be promoting ‘em everywhere.

There you have it. Next time instead of wearing your t-shirt plainly or those other designs that pour money into brands from God-knows-where, put your business brand or craft on it. Let the eyes of men trail you as you waka about and get the word out there. How about a clap for me for this revelation? Just kidding, you just go out there and slay ‘em shirts.

Image Credit: Pexel

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