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Nimi staggered, her right hand supporting her bloated belly, everywhere was misty, her eyes bloodshot and swollen. Her nose was dripping with thick mucus she didn’t care about.

Dragging herself with the weight of her pregnancy, she veered off the tarmac road. The highway was nobody’s abode and she knew the nearby island was the only place to find her desire. Had she not tried all she could to stop her life? Nothing worked, not the poisons, not the suicide attempts nor the hunger strikes. She hoped that by now, they would all be thankful that she left for good without a trace.

Luxury cars zoomed past her, none attempting to stop,  who would blame them? With all manner of nocuous activities happening around the country, no one would blame citizens for being extra careful. Lorries and big vans honked by the bend of the road. She looked up; everywhere was silent except for the horns and zooms. On a normal day she should have been dead scared to be in such place all by herself, maybe not all by herself – today was not one of those days.

That fear knew her no more, she was possessed by something deeper than fear – pain and it was eating at the embers of her soul. Today she wished to put an end to it and that she hoped this Island will offer. Her flesh will be devoured by reptiles and her carcass, the night fox will feast on.

Pain gnawed at her, sucked and ravaged her nucleus to the smallest of her units. She kept dragging and pulling her flesh as the horns began to fade. She walked until she was stopped by an aura.

The air was fresh, crisp and the place she stood was serene in a way she hated. Were they expecting her and decided to let her taste the best of Mother nature before she breathed her last? Why was the atmosphere soothing while tumult raged within her? If they thought giving her the best of them would change her mind, they were in for shocks.

Yet it allured her, the more she fought against it, the more it caged her. Birds chirped from tree to tree, monkeys chirruped in endless banter. The white sand beneath her feet clung to her like one who wouldn’t let go of their lover’s feet. She wished the sand were harsher like the tarmac road she once walked on. Her legs were sour and swollen but she didn’t; couldn’t bother.

The trees rustled as their leaves sang beautiful melodies known only to nature itself. Unaware of where she was, Nimisola stood hypnotized, listening to the forest, the songs seemed to speak to her like in the folklore she read in elementary school.

For the first time in months, she breathed without a sting of pain.

Her tears returned.

The whole place seemed to turn in three-sixty degrees giving her a view of all it held. The trees she saw were no ordinary trees.

Tall coconut trees, bamboo and all sort of fruit bearing trees surrounded her. At some distant place, she heard some rushing sound, it must be a stream she thought. Her throat was dry and she wished to have a drop like the proverbial rich man in the parable of “Lazarus and the Rich Man.”

She shut her eyes, swimming in the seduction of the island. How it would feel to have her habitation here, to wake up to the beauty of Mother Nature, just her, the trees and the stream.

She was jolted back to reality when two squirrels ran across in the nearby tree. For once since her madness started, she was afraid, not until she remembered her purpose for being there – she was here to die. She swallowed hard.

Finally,  she stood face to face to the forbidden Island – the place of death, her death. The prophetess said so, she heard it very clearly.  But she lost the will to continue in her quest; still she could not turn back. Stuck at her position, she scanned for any animal and then the pain came. This time it was the pain of labor. She screamed at nothing in particular, her voice chorused through the forest.

“No No.” She slumped and sank into the sand when her cramp intensified. Her time had come and she was all alone. Alone to face her abomination!

The heavens above rumbled, sounds clashed, the sky changed like chameleon and the wind came. It blew everything in its path. The trees bent in reverence of the power of the wind, dust blew all around. Mother birds called on their young, every creature scuttled home to hide from the looming storm. Nimisola sat in the sand disheveled, worn and angered but more was her pain. She groaned in anguish, gnashing her teeth as they made scratchy sounds.

She held on to her belly, her lower abdomen hurting. Chilling breeze passed but her body and soul were hotter than the depth of hades. Her legs came apart; she tore her dress and flung the scarf holding her thick silky hair in place. As if on a prompt, the wind seized her hair and did a lover’s dance with it but she cared less. The sky threatened, thunder clasped, lighting flashed and the earth danced for joy. Let it come, let the storm come. Let it bathe the earth and wash her away with it. No one would care, they never cared, none of them did.

The sky kept threatening and her pain rose, when she thought the storm will cease, the heaven opened its taps to soak the earth. It poured in tick drops, slapping against her bare back. She shot her stomach up with her face to the sky, her legs well apart. Let it come, let the storm come!

She cried until she could no more, her voice drained in the rain. Around her was a puddle of water, she sat in it waiting for the pain and the storm to stop. Her labor didn’t take long. When she could no longer bear the pain, with fear and dread she raised her legs till she could reach into her opening, took a long deep breath and with her hand into her opening, she exhaled and pulled the thing out.

It wasn’t a rope, it was a child- a girl and beautiful.

Enjoyed reading our adventure with Nimisola, stay logged for intriguing unraveling to follow and you can read Eavesdrop: A Tale in Summer.

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