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Many times we tell ourselves and others that there’s nothing to go back into the past for, still, our human minds find a way to trail back into the dark corridors of the past searching for all that we could have righted, avoided and maybe still desire. So, it’s not much of a wonder if you still look back to 2018, that’s absolutely normal reflection. I too have many beautiful memories to look back at.

But life needs assail in a forward paddle if this year will be worthy of future glances – back at epic memories.

You have heard about Airbending, Waterbending, Firebending and Earthbending. These are the four known bending arts minus energybending, which requires physical action.

One fascinating thing about those is that they revolve around mastering the elements in the world. Take the waterbender, a title for an avatar who masters and own the superhuman power to control and channel water elements to his or her wish, desires and goals. The waterbender isn’t concerned about the will or currents of the water. His goal is to master the elements and place his mind to command the water.

Through this mastery, the waterbender can form a mountain, a water-bed, fight an opponent by channeling his inner energy to control the reactive elements of the water. This perspective is mine, in the world of Avatars, these arts have more explicitly application other than I have written. Let’s just say I am interpreting what I understand in a way it can make more sense to you since you are not an avatar.

I was in a conference last year October where one of the speakers presented a slide on how water reacts to human words. It was an experiment carried out by a scientist. When this scientist spoke love over the water, it changed form to a beautiful crystal, when he spoke hate, the form was horrible. The scientist experimented with almost all the emotions you can figure out, the most horrendous was the form of the water when he spoke devil and anger over it, the sight was horribly awkward.

Need I say more, if words are powerful to change waters and avatars can control it with their hands and minds, how much more a human life when we master its elements and bend them to take the form and the shape of our desires?

You must realize that this moment of your life is never going to last forever. You can’t do the things you can today in the next 20 years even if you wanted to. I remember how I used to be a wild freestyle dancer just 6 years ago. Today, I have somehow conditioned my mind to doing it gently and gracefully.

What am I driving at? The year is here, nobody is going to move you if you are not ready to move. Your life cannot crystallize into a beautiful form if you are not ardent and audacious about becoming your own lifebender channeling all your inner strength and mind to control the realities of your life in 2019.

You do not have any excuse not to take charge of your own life, career pursuit and business goals.

But Esther, there are limitations in life? Well, that’s why you should become a lifebender, controlling the negative elements through your mind and words. You must wake up to the knowledge of the you who is a tripartite being, possessing a mind, body, and spirit.

Having a mind means you can recreate your reality and your spirit connects you to the realm of the supernatural where you are a little lower than the angels only because you live in a physical body but they – they live in an untouchable immoral body. Everything the supernatural can do, you can do when you know how truly powerful you are.

You can only be limited by what you meditate on, choose to meditate on the elements of your life and how to conquer them.

I know I have lifebending powers – it is a default application of the whole package of being a Jesus freak. How I receive this knowledge and how I choose to use it, only I can decide.

Twenty-nineteen is assuredly going to be an awesome year, you will battle fear, hopelessness, bitterness and even failure. Will you let just every one of these control you or you will take charge and be your own lifebender? Will you continue with the same mantra – survival at best mindset or you will lift your hands like a master bender, place your mind to the reality you desire and move your words, mind and hands to create a spectacle outta your life?

You decide and when you do, the field is ready for the greatest showtime of 2019. Welcome the lifebender as the art begins!
Happy new year.

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