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Flowers are beauty of nature to man, we all can attest to that. These fragile creatures adorn the fields and gardens of housewives and make our dining tables sparkle at meal times. Different people love flowers for different reasons, purposes inclusive but the primary role of flowers is to help the reproduction of flowering plants.

That aside, flowers have been admired and used by humans to bring beauty to their environment, and also as objects of romance, ritual, religion, medicine and as a source of food says Wikipedia.

What do flowers mean to you?

I’ve been intrigued by nature that sometimes, I rest to ponder on the lessons it has to teach humans. My quest took me to the bliss where I discovered that though flowers as a gift of nature to man have their seasons and times, all flowers don’t bloom in March.

That’s a metaphor – I have a friend who always asks me, “Esther what figure of speech is that?” That’s by the way.


I did a little search on the internet to know why and I discovered they all have different seeds and makeup. These makeups which are subject to the climate determine when they bloom and the seed in them have different maturity phases. Some of them are adaptive to cold weather, others to the warmer climate. Each type has its time and season.

Carnation, Iris, Lily and Lilac bloom in January; Amaryllis and Protea in February and just like that, some flowers transcend a season into another; some to every season. They also come in different shapes, colors and sizes, from the tender Lilies of the West to the resilient Bird of Paradise and African Tulip of South and West Africa respectively. The savannahs, rainforests, and the Fauna are part of Africa’s appeal says

What am I driving at?

The same rule of nature that applies to flowering plants also applies to us as humans. We’re just like flowers; we’ve got different seeds in us that need a timeframe to grow to maturity. We have different adaptability to life that when we come in contact with the right climate, we will bloom. We have different makeup that can hinder or push our petals to flush.


So it’s not bad when we don’t bloom in March, that season of spring when crops begin to break out of the earth. It’s okay not to be there when everyone seems to be making it, its fine to come late to the party, some don’t even show up at all – that’s life too.

But what should you be doing in March if you can’t bloom like the rest of them?

You should be grooming at the workshop of apprenticeship, learning how to master your seed, adapt your makeup and seize your season when it comes.

When it appears other writers, art entrepreneurs are getting endorsement and you wonder where all the luck in the world has gone to, that’s when you should be at the creative refinery mastering the waves, fine-tuning your dialog uses, fleshing out the plots and setting the locale. It’s fine to bloom in September or July, we need the rich red roses of autumn to usher in the season; December is not so bad, and we need the winter flowers to make Christmas memorable.

Remember your first role as a human-flower is to contribute to the reproduction – growth of the human race through your gifts and talents. Your flower will bloom but your March may be in winter.

Image Credit: Pexel

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