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A Life Called Forever is a collection of idyllic poems on love, hope and the good virtues that men hope to see in an imbalanced world written by Affiong Ene-Obong, a property lawyer, disability advocate and author. On the backdrop of this review, she’s the poet of the collection entitled: A life Called Forever, a collection of motivational poems fashioned in the most understandable of languages and based on the subjects that drive our existence.

The collection is a departure from the classical style of poetry as we know and can be thus classified as unpolished by the poetically expensive but we know every poet is right in their foot. Unpolished not of ideas but of form and style because the very ideas expressed in A Life Called Forever are profound and built on one of the best subjects of the arts which is love.

The poems are deep exploration of the very things that matters to the poet – of life, of love and of living and dying.

We set the stage with A Ship That Should Not Sink, it is symbolic and a metaphor for the readers. It talks about the ways of the world where everything seems wrong, where millions eat junks, where there are hairs like punk. It creates a scenario of voyagers aboard the ship and the activities that revolves around them and my estimation of the ship that should not sink is that of our human relationships which should endure all seasons and turbulence of the journey.

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Live While You Can took us to the brink of a world where there is an end to us all. Written to inspire, one can gain wisdom for this short journey: we won’t always be here, so it’s best we make every moment count while our fleeting breath lasts.

Law and Love captures the similarities of its subjects and employs the use of pun along the simile used throughout.

Law like love,

Is a pleasurable pain,

It could bring shame or gain,

It depends on how you play the game. 

The book collection varies in form, some poems are more prose-like than they are poetic, and some rendered in short form of measured lines with rhyme patterns.

The feel of diction we get goes from the emotional, to the spiritual and to the motivational. Written as motivational poems it is not out-of-place for readers to expect the poet to be conclusive on her subjects – this pattern is not always the case for literary poetry which leaves the audience hanging about the thoughts of the poet. However, in this collection, the poet brings her passion and aspirations to light.

One of the poems that sang to my heart is The Way Out of Ignorance. In it the poet delved into the topic that has plagued our society – reading and I cannot agree more to all the points made in this poem, for truly the light that can cure our teeming ignorance is the light that emanates from reading.

Peradventure, A Life Called Forever may not find its place on the literary shelve of great poems, yet it can find a brilliant place in the heart of men and women who are weary of poems that don’t teach morals for in this collection lies the wisdom of the rustic, the brilliance of art and virtues of the intentional sojourner. Read it not for style but for the message it carries I will advocate. It is a poem for people of faith, hope and deep grace.

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Here is a brilliant list of titles that should spur you to pick the book:

The Best Makeup A Girl Can Wear

The World is Waiting

The Greatest Asset

The Mystery Novel

A Letter To My Heavenly Father

The ‘U’ in Success

Thoughts of an Insomniac

Fight the Good Fight

He is Romantic

The Secrets of Time

We  can sum up this review by calling the collection a poetry of faith but before then, let’s have a look at the second part which is a collection of short stories written to spur the readers.

The first of them is Every Day Is A Gift. A short piece on a woman, Maya battling cancer and yet went out to encourage a girl, Michelle to be a better version of herself, helping her married friends straighten out their ailing relationships. What happened to Maya? You’ll find in the book, the point is to appreciate everyday as a rare gift and that the people God sends our way should be priced weightier than what we may be going through.

The second is Be The Star For Your Show, this captures the need to discover our talents like Seth the kid who became famous at age twenty for his TV show. We all can discover our talents and be the star for our show.

The rests are; Innovation Begins With You, Be Someone’s Miracle and Stick to What You Do.

What a great way to end the collection, if we can all stick to what we do, we would have less strife and more energy to uplift others.

The poems are written in easy to understand English however, there are interesting words to be discovered like: flounder, falter, jabber, index, hazy, jeers, bewildered, daydream, concealed etc.

Simile is the most common of devices used in the narration. The poet employed this to compare events, happenings and the dispositions of her characters.

Metaphor is figuratively used to draw inference of events, people and places.

Pun is subtly used to  to enhance the narrative for the reader.

The collection bothers on themes of faith, love, education or mental awakening, brevity of life, enlightenment, the power in our abilities, sharing our time and life with others, giving as a virtue everyone should own. Other themes like hope, dreams, drive, and trust also find a good means to be expressed.

And that is it for the cut, get the book and get your motivation on. Get ready for our next review, which will it be, a novel or a poem? Keep guessing and keep reading because that’s the way out of ignorance.

Read our exclusive interview with Affiong Ene-Obong not long ago.

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