That their stories may find voices, be heard and read

We’re a Creative Writing Company operating with a social enterprise mindset, located in the heart of Nigeria. Our mission is to promote value-driven literary and creative writers and provide affordable services to writers, storytellers and professionals.

We are on a call to bring creativity to the stories that our clients want the world to read and added to our professional approach to work, we maintain KEY relationship with each client from the start of their project to publishing. Our goal is to work with starters, self-published authors and busy professionals to make their final copy worth every read.

More than offering our clients editing, proofreading and ghostwriting services, we provide training for aspiring writers in Creative Non-Fiction, Storytelling for both Prose and Screenwriting. Our training are practice based and allow a limited number of intakes at a go.

At the crux of our services is our goal to make our clients book or story neatly put-together to excel readers experience and satisfy their cravings.

We also offer Ghostwriting services to clients whose work, schedule or limitations in expressions might not allow the opportunity to write their books or stories. We step up to take this challenge off them and make their book writing aspiration a reality.

As a social enterprise, we offer writers, storytellers and professionals editing packages that are pocket friendly and value-driven.

Away from literature, books and creative writing, we love nature, tech, film, art and the beauty of watching the night glitter with stars and fireflies. On a sunny day, we would like to be on a beach or some nature’s destination sipping orange juice or cool zobo with enough cucumbers.


To be the Best indigenous creative enterprise influencing writers success and industry growth.

Loved Since 2017
Creating Happiness
Delivering Quality Service

We Are Indigenous With A Global VISION.

We Measure Ourselves On Creativity, Growth & Focus.

We’re a synergy of optimistic creatives with a plan to influence storytelling in Africa that deliver positive values. We bring dream, creativity and deep insight into the art of storytelling. We are a faith-based team and think storytelling is more than writing and business. Our goal is to promote storytelling as tool for value and positive change by leveraging on evolving trends in the society, tech, film and business.

We Are Creative

We bring lots of creativity into the business of storytelling from scratch to finish with over six years of active experience in the creative industry.

We Believe in Growth

We help aspiring writers dream, create and publish their story ideas. We’ve got aspiring writers covered on niche centered services, free online seminars and resources. We use the best artistic brush to groom aspiring writers and storytellers. In this creative journey, we are mindful of our role as value agents, actively pursuing our goal to make storytelling effortless and inspire better stories out of Africa. We’re the prologue and epilogue of creative writing and storytelling.

We Are Focused

We work with the future in view… Literature, Tech, Film are the buzzing dreams we hold for the future.

Our Innovative Values

At the core of what we do is the design to give value known as CLOD. We are a team built on:

Creativity as a skill-based practice.

Love that enhances our humanity with everyone – clients, sponsors, partners and visitors.

Originality accentuates our professional approach to every task and project. Just like Knights, we don’t break the rank.

Diligence keeps us ahead in our mission because we know we can’t get it right at once.

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