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Prelude: We are often perplexed by the depth of inhumanity displayed by some people we meet and this solidarity letter is to  such people. It’s ironical in construct and a satire by intent. Enjoy your read.

Hello Humans,

I have watched you for some time now and I can’t say how pained I am at the way you treat others. Not to mention that I have been your prey at one time in the past. My encounter with you makes me feel for those you now treat with scorn.

So I am writing this solidarity letter to you my dear Mean human.

Just the other day I passed by your house and I heard you shouting and cursing. This got me curious, so I said to me “what would make madam so angry?” pardon me but my curiosity made me lean by your window to eavesdrop. Madam Mean, I saw you rebuking your maid for coming into the living room when you had an all important guest. You told her she was garbage and should stay away from the palace, you even compared her to a leper. I have just one thing to say ma, do you know that each time you call her a leper and garbage, you indirectly mean you are benefiting from the services of a leper and like they say, leprosy is contagious. So think about that.

Husband of the house, your madam is not around and the weather is cold setting the mood for your little man to rise uncontrollably. You look and she’s the next available succor, so you jump on her against her will, pressing everything pin-pon-pin-pon like she’s a teddy bear. You make sure like an orange sucked, nothing of worth is left after different adventure. All this because you can’t cage your little man, she becomes your porn, your plaything and her body your football field. I hail thee sire, your payback is a stone throw because what goes around comes around. I know someday you will have kids, and they will ripen like mango fruit. Don’t worry, their fruits will be harvested with sticks, sickles and stones before your very eyes.

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Meanness pays no one

Oga gate man, just the other day I went by your company premises at work.com and I saw applicants queue in lines waiting for you to open the gate. You and the receptionist gave them no little mean treatment before they could gain entrance. Together you harassed them, oga you even called one bright young man an “idiot” because he questioned your maltreatment. That cost him his chance of being interviewed because you played God in his case.

Weldon sir, sebi you are the god of their career and the receptionist their ‘Chi’ controller of destiny. Oga, one thing you should remember “soldier go soldier come…”, you know you have no prospect of advancing in life, so you flex your muscle wella for your zanga. Don’t fret though when you discover that the young man is the owner of the company your children will work in years to come. Continue being mean please.

Madam school owner, you overuse your staff and underpay them then you turn them to your slave. They cower at your footsteps while you stack the loot away and live flamboyantly. Your children’s extravaganza knows no bound but your workers feed like church mouse. One thing I have for you ma is “money ill-gotten never comes to any productive use” and spare me, money rituals and 419 are not the only means of getting ill wealth, read your bible. The labor you don’t reward will speak against all the wealth you gather at the expense of other’s effort.

Mr Lecturer, you treat me like an ignoramus. Two page handout is 2.5k and you carry the title ‘Prof’ about like national flag. You give your students carryover because they didn’t buy your handout even when everything in it is lifted from Google. If I speak against your maliciousness, you call me a non-entity because I came from the village in search of education. Go and read about Mandela. You miss lectures and fix impromptu ones to cover up your indiscipline because na you get power. Your meanness have birthed many suicide stories in our universities. No problem sir, God who is the defender of the weak will reward you at his time. Meanwhile enjoy your vanity because nothing lasts forever.

letter series online

We should share love instead of meanness.

 Oga driver, okada rider, keke cyclist that don’t have human sympathy, you value your motor more than human life and you would rather knock pedestrians while looking for a way to cut distance. You curse, rain insults on road users, calling them awful and ungodly names. Your attitude and impatient have sent many to their early grave and tears down the eyes of many. Oga I don’t even know what to tell you but it’s unfair, remember “every pedestrian is a potential customer.” Take it easy sir.

Dear government official, civil servant that won’t let people’s file pass through to the right authority without collecting a brown envelope and anyone who doesn’t rub your palm, you throw their file away. You have sabotaged integrity for ‘IM’- Ima Madu (connection). I hope you understand that corruption is your bedrock and like curses, like chickens they will come home to perch someday. A stitch in time saves nine.

My ink pulsates and I must pause for want of time and space. And to the rest of the Mean Humans out there, I honestly know you know yourself. I do not seek to condemn you but your actions bring blood to the eyes. I hope when you read this you understand that you can still change and turn many tears to smiles and repair broken walls.

Till I come your way again, I hope to hear from your neighbors of your renewal, then I can pledge my solidarity with you in its true sense. Ponder on these.

Yours Sincerely,
Hurting Humans

Closing Cut:

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