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They all pass like others before them.

They collide and curse at times

They embrace and smile at other times

Such is their way now even as it was then

They are one in two’s

Or two’s in one

For love or hate

Each at its time

They pass as at other times

But it never remains the same when they pass

T’was for either tears or joy that they passed

Tears when passing was bitter as bitter leaf

Bitter like death

Death with pangs, pangs of venom

Venom like viper, vipers with fangs

It was also bitter like kola, sweet to the ears

Bitter to the mouth

Joy when a passing was symbiotic

When desires match passion

When hopes come alive

When charity is consummated

And there’s no vain parting to their passing

Save for the sleep of mortals

So are they when the memories of passing

bring tears like an angry storm

When the thought of pain choke their love

They only look to another passing

That would be a sweet passing

For some passing shreds the souls of mortals

World here and beyond

Black or white

It’s love or hate

Whatever the passing is

Tears or joy goes with it.

Love or hate, hate or love

We must be one at a time

And afterwards

T’s lost in the memory of time.

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