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If you know me in anyway, you will have realized that I am not a motivation writer or someone who likes to dish out do’s and don’ts. I am a very much of live your life on your own terms kind of person so do not read my articles like it’s a rigid constitution that if you don’t follow judiciously, you will stop being extraordinary.

Here’s me writing to myself on some of the habits I need to stop being good at and for you to pick which you think describes you.

And as we countdown to the new year, just be yourself – more purposeful, more determined, more gracious. Figure out what didn’t work in 2018 and adjust. Don’t be quick to make rules you won’t keep but also go ahead and have some plans and checklist to guide you and reconnect you to your goals when you stray.
Here is my list of 9 Habits You Need To Drop In 2019.


We all feel that tud at the bottom of our hearts, the trumping of our hearts racing as we think about all the ways that particular idea will not work, how we will grow fat, age and live lonely. Stop it already, you are absolutely letting fear get the better shade of your color. Rather than exercise fear, why not plunge and go for a tight grab at that mind blowing idea you have, start that business, eat right, learn to live without people’s personal approval of you. This year, you have to trash fear till it flees.


You said you were going to enroll for that course in 2018, learn new stuffs, get over your past but you’ve been stuck on tomorrow. As a proverb says, today is the tomorrow you talked about. If you need to do it, do it now and stop disguising procrastination for strategizing. You can start on that goal and while you’re at it, build strategy. How would you even know if your strategy will work if you don’t start? Beat that!


Yeah yeah, I know you have been blessed with a lot of natural talents, you’ve got great skills and you can do just about anything you aspire to. Welcome to the league of Jack of all trades, Master of little. I am just like you – I will suppress the temptation to list all the natural talents I have and the skills pumping in my veins. It’s time to stick to one thing and see it bloom. I remember I was almost subconsciously bullied into giving myself many labels – writer, blogger, entrepreneur, content developer, editor and many ori-si-ri-si. I finally dumped it all, there’s no gain in doing everything and not becoming credible for one. Stop doing everything at once, learn to streamline and don’t let whatever anyone choose to address themselves a take away from you your true focus.

Low Self-motivation

Sometimes, I wish I can rip some people’s mind apart and stuff in all the self motivation energy in me. I am a goddess of self motivation. You should be too, don’t ever let people’s criticism – I am a critic so you know – get to you. Build your emotional stability and each time you want to let down, just remember that whatever happens, the world doesn’t remember for long. Ever had thoughts of suicide, hey! Drop it, you are more than that my friend. I have learned to tell my mind in difficult times that – I am more than life. And I am and so are you.

Bad Money Habits

My Lecturer once said, ‘do not imitate your parents if they are poor.’ I kind of like the seriousness of that joke. Help yourself in 2019,be financially accountable. You are not too young to start investing in properties and other asset acquisition. Do not just stack your money in the bank, put it where it can earn for you. Try investment platforms that helps you develop financial discipline like Cowrywise and start earning little returns on your savings.

Lack of self-care

If you don’t like how you look, stop shaming someone who looks exactly as you would love to see you. Work at it, eat healthy, live simple and smile more. If you can afford to workout, make it a hobby, if you can’t, find other ways of sweating it out like taking long walks, dancing or strolling in the evenings. Don’t do self medication, check your health status once in a while. And as you grow older, learn to eat as your body changes.


This is the first step towards depression – I write from experience. When you try to analyze a matter in your mind and head for too long, it takes a toll on your mental health. If someone says you are a witch, talk back and tell them clearly that you are not, speak your mind instantly. Do not let these stuffs settle in your mind because they breed room for you to get affected, by replaying the words over and over again in your head. Life can be hard too, but don’t take yourself so serious.

Stop bottling up your emotions, talk to someone – you can talk to me. Be happy when its sunshine, smile when its a rain, gag when its a storm and cry when its a hurricane but never get drown by any.


When people realize you are all talk and nothing more, you will loose your credibility. Be what you tell others you are, do what you promise, never compromise your integrity for immediate returns. A good name is better than riches.


Think about all the wicked fairy mothers, all the witches in the movies you have seen. Each time you let your anger get the better of you, you terrify anyone around like them. Stop giving yourself the excuse that its who you are. That’s a cold lie, you learned to be angry because you are so soft inside that people takes you for granted. So your defense became anger, hey! You cannot be my friend if you can’t control how you channel your frustration. Please get a hold on it before you scare all your friends and family away like a scarecrow.

Did I light the fire in you? Oh dear, you’ll be fine.

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