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Blogging is no longer what it used to be, at least not what many people have at the back of their mind before choosing the path. Thanks and no thanks to constantly disrupting technology, you have to be in the know to maximize this space.

You have to read too, articles upon articles, how-to, do’s and don’t and it’s overwhelming for the guys just starting out.

You might even give in to defeat at your first encounter with WordPress and if your pocket is not so full, another dilemma but don’t quit, the hardest part is choosing to start.

Certainly you will make tons of mistakes, errors both in grammar and style. And when you finally hear about success stories of those who made it, you will be compelled to stick around.

For me, it’s always been about pursuing my passion and finding my voice before the desire for fame and fortune. But I will not lure you into doing this if you haven’t counted the cost. It’s getting tougher everyday especially if you have something to offer but with few resources.

I would have you know what it takes before you decide whether to taste the sauce or walk away.

Content and Research

You’ve heard that content is king, she’s both queen and the whole pack of royalty. Why is it always about content first? That’s because it’s your bait to attract patronage. People go where there are parties because there will be merriment there and of course, sizzling plates of jollof rice. Content is your jollof rice, it has to contain the right amount of ingredients, no too much pepper, garlic, ginger or seasoning.

Your content must speak to your audience, be a solution to their problem, a Panadol to their headaches.

Content is what you lay before people that will entice them to know more about what you have to offer. It takes time to write great contents, it even takes greater effort to be consistent in serving the right portion for your niche.

And if you can’t do all the work alone, hiring a content writer will ease you off but that means extra coins will leave your pocket for every title you wish to publish. Most content writers in Nigeria charge from 1k upwards, you should make a budget to know if its affordable for you at a start.


Phew! It’s a flag-down to serve your audience unedited contents that leave a wrong impression on their minds. If you’re a very powerful writer, changes are you can edit your scripts yourself but a third-eyes always does a better job. You will need getting a standby editor and agree to a price range that won’t break your pocket.

Awesomely, we have affordable editing packages for newbies and established bloggers. Editors do more than just edit your copies these days, they also give insight on keywords and style. If your editors doesn’t give you premium on those, you need to switch.


Blog posts like pages need different types of link to get you great Google rating. You also need redirection links for 404 pages. Your blog posts will require links leading to other blogs or other posts within your blog and they must be accurate. This demands that you be meticulous and attentive to details.


From plain graphics to text to infographs, the list is endless to the various ways we can tweak images into blog posts. Most popular websites and blogs have attributed high conversion rate to blog posts with striking images. Don’t think too far, people are more receptive to what they see these days so bloggers will usually go extra miles to make sure their posts are fascinating to their visitors.

Titles and Headers

Bloggers go all out to download title plugins to enable them create titles and headers that gives their blog a unique style and enhance their brand plus the desire to make User experience worth it. Defining title and headers have been use.

SEO Optimization

The headache of most bloggers, apart from a website or blog optimization, every single posts pushed out need to be optimized or trust Google, no indexing, no ranking.

The designer optimizes the website but a blogger bears the headache of searching keywords, typing metadata, adding inbound and outbound links, adding keywords to images plus taglines.

Are you still here? That’s pretty less of what every single blog post we publish put us through and God be your muscle if you’ve got no virtual assistant.

Marketing and Publicity

From post automation for social media, to monitoring Google analytics, sending emails, doing Facebook ad research and placing ads, monitoring how they perform, please allow me to say like a Nigerian, ‘we die here.’

What an exhaustive list and something tells me it goes beyond those. Think it’s a piece of cake to make a post? You gotta have a rethink, we’re not goofing around friend, it takes real work to do these things and real patience.

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