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I have lived a little while here, in this space called earth. I have had few troubles myself and seen others suffer terribly through heartbreaks and griefs.

Heartbreaks caused by situations that make hope shattered, dreams defeated and plans frustrated. Griefs caused by sudden life-changing events like the death of a loved one, a failed marriage, financial loss and even loss of one’s career.

All these can offset and if not handled delicately, can spell the beginning of depression amongst other psychological trauma. Many victims can’t help themselves and you can’t blame them. These pains are just beyond their control as their predicament appears surreal.

Maybe we can’t turn the wand and wish their sufferings away but there are ways we can help with the healing journey.

We can help when we know the power of our little acts.

​People have helped me in trying times and difficulties, and I can say that helping people in little ways when life’s tempest swells goes a long way in easing their pains. It doesn’t take away the pains but it helps the victim feel better, loved, understood and give them a sense that all is indeed not lost.

Offering help that comforts in trying times can be compared to giving someone an umbrella for cover during the rainy day, the rain doesn’t stop but there’s a feeling of “I am not alone.” That feeling alone is enough to start the journey to healing their broken patches.

So here are my 3 Ways  to Help People in Difficult Times, whether they’re relation, friend, spouse, colleague or a stranger.03 WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE IN DIFFICULT TIMES

Give Them Words of Assurance

You can never know the value of those simple super words “It will be alright, You’re more than this.” Words go a long way in mending the shattered pieces of emotions people suffer. No wonder many people commit suicide because of discouraging words.

Instead of using your words to slander or talk them down, invest it to uplift the broken and weak.​ The least we can do for someone down is to not step over them, the best we can do is bend down and help them up – the former is passive, the latter an active act of compassion; the option is up to us.03 WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE IN DIFFICULT TIMES

Offer Your Time and Service

Whether it’s staying over for the night, volunteering to cook, clean the house, fix dishes or take care of a friend who just lost their spouse, a child, a parent or just heartbroken, it gives strength to know they’re not alone. Maybe they’re suffering a breakup or an estranged relationship, find time to kill the boredom with them. Watch a movie, tell jokes even if they’re not funny and tell stories of someone who have suffered similar fate and how they were able to come out of it.

​Trust me, they will feel the emotion and connect with time but don’t be overcrowding. Give enough space for your acts to sink in. You’re good like that.03 WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE IN DIFFICULT TIMES

Pray With and For Them

Sorry but I can’t end this post without bringing the aspect of prayer and it’s okay if it won’t go fine with some people but I have seen people, children especially heal and recover from the shock of losing their parents through the prayers of loved ones. Find time to pray for and with someone in these situations.

​For one, prayer gives a sense of direction and helps to get a better understanding of the situation and a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Therefore, go ye forth and invest in the power of little acts of help.

My special appreciation to friends who have helped me through the shattering events of life. You’re the reason I am writing this.

And if you’re grieving, It’s okay friend, you’ll be fine OK, I know first hand how awful your situation can be but look up, you see the skies, after the night, daylight is coming. Look at the sea, after the storm there will be stillness. Don’t worry, you’ll smile again, you will. I trust God you will.

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