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Editing can be tasking and when it is combined with writing your own blog posts, it’s sapping and mentally demanding. But what to do when you can’t hire an editor to do all your content edits, what can you do when you’re just starting out and trying to pinch your budget?

Been there, done that and know how it feels. Trust my creative instinct, there are 3 smart editing methods for you just like I have discovered for myself.

Let me digress a little, late into 2017 I started writing a book to prove that I was a writer by works since I got tired telling people I was a writer with no name to my book, oh sorry, I meant no book to my name. So, I wrote a book but no funds to hire an editor. What to do?

Well, I became my own editor and everyone who has read a copy of my book thinks it’s awesome. I am not marketing it because I want to refurbish the content for a comeback.

That experience opened my eyes to the realities of my skills and ever since, I have been editing my stuffs including all my blog posts. I am not perfect yet but I trust its not a fallacy that our blog speaks of good editing.

How did I do that?

Very simple, just 3 smart editing methods for a lean budget that you can practice.


First, Master Language which includes Grammar and Structure

Knowing where to fix a comma instead of a hyphen, the relationship between nouns and verbs etc, are what I am talking about here. Luckily for me, these were stuffs I have been trained at and also had practical experience on as a former English and Literature teacher. So, if your language or use of English is commendable, you have the first skill needed to run your blog edits yourself.


Two, Having a Computer can be the Difference Between Smartphone Error and Good Editing

While it’s easier to move about with your smartphone, engaging your laptop is most preferable when editing. Tablets these days come with MS Word software, if mobility is your catch, having one can ease you off the delays of relying on your laptops. In essence, don’t edit with tools and apps that are not programmed to pick errors and grammatical mistakes.

One thing about tablets is that you need to study how they work with your apps. For example, I can only edit blog posts on my tablet by switching to default WordPress editor. I edit on theme mode when on the system. Make sure to know what sticks for you. Working on the go can prove to be a good method to edit more content in the heat of traffic or enroute a meeting.


Lastly, I Encourage You to Work in Batches with Your Content

Try to write about three to four articles at a go, keep them away and write another batch. A great way to do that is by creating a topic catalog on a spreadsheet from where you pick whatever interests you per time. It helps you not to get stranded on the next topic, I have made a 100 topics spreadsheet for 2019 and can sleep knowing I only have to choose what topic to write on.

Let’s get on with this post. Let each new batch rest for some time while you go back to the previous batch. You will discover errors and changes that you need to make.

So, after writing an article, do an edit but don’t post it yet. Leave it for some days and be on the lookout for fresh ideas while you work on new stuffs. After a few days, come back and you will be amazed at how clearly you can pick out errors. This will be of great help if you’re on a lean budget.

Rounding up, editing your blog posts are easier than editing a book and only if you’re highly critical of yourself should you totally trust your ability to edit your own manuscript. We do that easily for writers without breaking their pocket, check if any of our packages suits you here.

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