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Maximizing blog posts is not rocket science if you have the right tools, understand your medium and know what exactly you want your visitors to gain. But for verbose writers, it can be a pain because we tend to write blog posts like books. We bring just too many ideas into a post.

Initially, I used to do that, by now you already know I am an apprentice learner doing this stuff through trial and error. So when I started, I kind of poured too many ideas in a post that either made it too long to digest because as its popular knowledge, millennial have short attention span so you need to maximize the time they walk through the front door of your blog to read a post.

A blog post is not a book, don’t write it like one. Write one idea per post.

So, in this post I will share just eleven ways you can make your blog posts more engaging for your one-customer visitor. These are things I have practiced myself and they work all the time.

  1. Avoid Jamming Your Posts With Too Many Idea

    Just one idea or two is enough and get to it quickly after your introduction and chit-chat.

  2. Break Lengthy Posts Into Series Or Parts

    If you are a storyteller or like to write long articles, try breaking them into series and always leave a yearning desire in the minds of your readers. You may think they won’t like this but the truth is if it’s catchy they’ll prefer the shorter route as it creates a new user appeal to their minds. We’re talking about the way our minds have become programmed to read shorter articles.

  3. Go Straight To The Point

    A typical blog post should have a beginning, middle and end. Know when to move to the next thread and when to wrap it up. Introduce your idea, warm the reader to what it’s about, and get to the points. Your points can be listed but if it’s a story article just cut it to short sentenced paragraphs.

  4. Avoid Bringing In Sub-Ideas That Don’t Follow Your Intentions

    It happens all the time, you start writing about something and other ideas starts flowing in and you feel you can just chip it in but hold on, that sub-idea can be the start to another posts, don’t you think?

  5. Make Explanations Brief

    Try to make explanations brief so the reader can capture your points clearly. If what you want to share is really long, then three paragraphing them instead of packing it all together.

  6. Write In Short Paragraphs, Its More Appealing To The Eyes

    I learned this in 2016 when my former boss gave me a book called “How to Write Short.” After reading the book, my perspective to writing shifted. So here I am telling you to write in shorter paragraphs because it’s appealing to the human eyes and helps the brain catch up quickly. Also, vary the length of each paragraph. Once you have exhausted a point, start a new paragraph; this is also true for book writers.

  7. Highlight Your Powerful Points With Quotes

    People create quotes simply by saying something that rings a bell and you can do the same for your posts. Don’t make it all bland with no dexterity. Add quotes when you think you’re making sense and need it to stick to the mind of your readers.

  8. Color Your Sub-Headings

    I have been inspired by conversion minded. That’s my go to page for digest topics on blogging and you can check her out. Her posts are simply electrifying with those color mix. But don’t overdo it expect you have a goal. Two or three color mix can make your headings and sub-headings more inviting.

  9. Add Beautiful Graphics

    I love feature images to my blog posts. Feature images are the images you see embedded in a post when it is published. I have enabled mine to be part of every blog post. You can add images to segments of your blog too if you think they’re appropriate. Just know the right amount for each page.

  10. Be Spontaneous

    You know this already, you have to be witty when you write. Try to be conversational and less legalistic. I shrink when I go to a blog and the writer is dishing words like it’s a military parole. I try to think of my posts as a marketing adventure and I ask myself if I were to be marketing to someone, what tone will I use? So most times, I imagine I am talking to someone, that way my writing is conversational.

  11. Don’t Clog Your Posts With Irrelevant Ideas

    Some ideas don’t just fit into a post no matter how good they seem. Put them into another post or altogether discard them at the moment, if they’re worth it, they’ll find their way into your thought another time.

There you have it, maximizing your ideas go beyond SEO’s and more about the tiny details you put into your creative effort. I’m sure you’ll work at this and get more compliment on your effort?

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