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Let’s Explore on 10 little Ways to Become an Excellent Writer

On the blog today, I want to talk about the 10 little ways to become an excellent writer. These are the basic things we can do to add  extra oil to our craft. I don’t mean ororo – Nigerian word for vegetable oil, lol. Here we go.

Most writers are afraid of their skills, I bet you never thought about it but now you’ve heard it from me. They dream up ideas, create mental pictures of their heroes and story-line and then let them slip off their fingers because they think, ‘Oh, I’m never going to get past the thousands of writers and books out there.’ Or they take the self-pity route of, ‘My country do not encourage this sort of thing, writers don’t become rich.’ Well, it might beat you to know you can’t remain on that threshold for longer than is necessary.

In a later post, I will be sharing on little side businesses for writers in Nigeria or I might just get it into an Epub or PDF and share with my inner circle. Are you part of that circle? Just kidding, hey, we’re here to have fun while we trash these little quirks that deflate our  creativity. Here we go.

  1. Read Wide:

    One of the best skills you want to afford yourself is your ability to be versatile at reading. A lot is changing in our world and each new day, people write millions of books  and these are pushed to the global market. I feel that to gain better edge as excellent writers, we need to move with the good trends. Don’t just write in isolation. Well you could be doing that if you haven’t got the right information but that’s not cool.

    So one way to stay above things as they are is to get your reading tank charged up. Ultimately, information drives this age and it comes really affordable, however, the problem with many people is that they source for information from the wrong people and channels. Get to love the internet and make google.com your best friend, like they say, if you can’t find it anywhere, ask google.

  2. Go on periodic training or self-development exercise:

    As much as writing is first a talent, I want to say this and I can bet you I am right, talent without development is dead on arrival. Thanks to God for giving us the talent but to gain edge, we have to go a mile further and develop these talents to gainful skills.

    But you ask, where can I get the right training? There are hosts of training programs and courses on the internet, some are free while others aren’t but whichever, you should be ready to invest in your talent because it is the only tool you can build on to scale through to excellence.

    To help you narrow the search, you can get good courses on Udemy, Shaw Academy, Coursera and a host of others. We will be offering personalized courses for beginners very soon, you can leverage on that too when it’s time.

  3. Enroll in an English language class to brush up your grammar:

    You can’t afford to depend on the old grammar books you read in secondary school since it’s critical to express your thoughts effortlessly. While they are awesome, trust me new improved texts are available to brush you up. Most importantly for those schooled in Nigeria, we have need for better mastery of grammar and the use and application of English language. No one will find your book delightful if you don’t flow with what is obtainable.10 little Ways to Become an Excellent Writer

  4. Get familiar with modern tools that enhance your talent use:

    I find Pinterest very fun to use because it helps me learn new stuffs fast and easy through pictures and infographs. In a giveaway ebook, I will share with you exclusively the tools that have helped me scale my writing and blogging gig and why you should make them yours too. Frankly, you will have to develop affinity with modern tools of writing to be more efficient and effective. Tools like Scrivener and other writing softwares should be on the your top list.

  5. Define your interest and have a clear view of the bigger picture:

    Becoming excellent writer cannot happen overnight, sorry, it takes work, time and unwavering vision of your destination and because of that, you have to be dogged, committed, resilient and have the picture of the end in mind. Without a clear view of the big picture, it’s easy to get tired especially when the returns don’t come as you desire it but I will urge you to stay put, you know why you started, let that motivate you above your setbacks. I consider Excellence to be:

E – Endurance training
X – Internal X-ray of the big picture
C – Clarity of vision
E – Exceptional talent
L – Love for what you do
L – Loyalty to your call
E – Energetic towards your passion
N – Novelty of ideas
C – Creative thinking
E – Entrepreneurial oriented
  1. Determine what kind of writer you really want to be and build capacity around it:

    Capacity building is very vital to growth; it broadens one’s horizon and creates space for better opportunity. Once you have identified what style you want to adopt as a writer, the next step is to form network with people of same interest and then connect with the larger society through the things you do. Go out and meet people, interact, network, engage in meaningful dialogues and influence others by what you do, that’s how to build capacity.

  2. Define your strengths and weaknesses and find means of scaling through:

    While I urge you to read wide, we also know we can’t be all things at all time. So it is apt to define what we’re BEST at and what we’re not so good at. Take me for instance, I have the appeal to read books on diverse topics apart from mathematical and occult or some spiritual-related materials – you know the type I am talking about, but yet I have limitations when it comes to writing. Tell me to write on human suffering and I will shine but add gender equality to it, I’ll be blank. And that’s because it’s not a strong point for me, as such, someone might thrive as a gender writer but for me I will shrink. For that, I have defined my limits based on my strong points and you should too.

  3. Take time to know your trade:

    I have hear people say in many discussions that it takes five years of consistency to break even as a startup, hmm. However we may want to be so hopeful, we can’t deny the chances of that being true. The question is not how long will it take you as a writer to break even, the question is what are you doing with your time before the disruption? If you ask me, I will say, take the time to study and understand the terrain. Don’t be jumpy like a bebelube, observe the trend, and strategize before you attach yourself. Is that cool?

  4. Define the limits of your craft:

    Many writers have successfully buried their craft by some mistakes they never took serious. This is one area you will constantly have to work at, never limiting what you can do. After publishing my first book, I have taken a look at the mistakes I made and I’m better ready for my next book. One of the things we need to work on in this aspect is how we present our material to the public.

    Maybe your intent is to write for your local audience, well that’s fine but because of world globalization, you will have to factor-in the new reading trends that take books to global audiences. And so you may want to be more inclusive when bringing your ideas home.

    Probably, you are writing for Nigerian audience, or Chinese or Philippines, and you have to express yourself in dialectical terms, that’s not bad but, you should include brief explanations that do not distort the flow of your thought especially for the readers. We see such in most novels where the ( – ) is used to introduce a brief about an unfamiliar word.

  5. Relax and be confident about your talent:

    Stress can never make of us excellent writers. The more relaxed you are the better your thoughts can form ideas which become great books. So take time off the grind to cool that adrenaline and vitalize your system for the best discharge of creative vibes. When you learn to relax, you can create more excellent works that you can be confident about. Remember, Rome was not built-in a day, so also does excellence take time to build. My word to you, take time to be cool by yourself with a glass of orange juice and a warm smile – I love me some orange.

What do you think? Are these attainable, or there are other points we need to add to the list? Share with us in the comment section.

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