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Hi friend, What have you been up to recently? Are you working at that big book you’ve been dreaming up or you’ve just been promoted, yay!, have you just started a creative business like me? Then ride with me because I’ve got a couple of wisdom to share with you today. I can bet with you it’s nothing you have ever read. Let’s ride this or die trying.

So, I will assume you have read the story, tale or parable on talents by the greatest teacher of all ages, Jesus Christ himself but if you haven’t scroll down and read up the lessons. Or let me assume you don’t read biblical stuffs but hey don’t go anywhere; this could be helpful in so many ways. I will tell you the story right away and I promise not to bore you.

In a country, let’s say, Nigeria, a business owner once had three workers and one beautiful morning he was sipping hot black coffee in his home when a call came in from his foreign partners. ‘Hey Man, we want you over here pretty soon and you’ll be around for a while. It won’t be bad if you get someone in charge of your properties.’ Immediately he dropped the call, he dialed his office and asked that three of his staff come to his house.

Once their feet touched his house, he called them and gave them some money to invest while he is away. To one he gave a 100,000 fund, to another he gave 50,000 and to the last he handed over crispy 20,000 funds.  Leaving with the next flight, he instructed that they use the money for worthy projects. They smiled and wished him goodbye.

Months down the trail, the boss returned and called all them, ‘I left tangible funds with you when leaving, what have you done with them?’ he asked. The one with the 100,000 came forward and laid a bag before the boss, ‘Boss, you gave me a 100,000 fund and I put it to a project, today I have made a profit of double turnover in the bag.’ The boss was excited by this staff’s effort and applauded him, next the second handed him a bag, ‘Sir, I used the money to finance a project, I made a 100 percent return on it.’

The boss applauded him, ‘good steward skills I must commend,’ he said and called the last worker who came trembling, in his shaky hands was the same amount his boss gave him, ‘Boss here is your money, I know you are difficult to please and like free things and takes whatever you want. I was afraid of you and didn’t use your money because I don’t know what your reaction will be.’ His boss got irritated, collected the fund and gave it to the first worker and sent the unproductive worker to the jury where he was tortured.

Does that sound familiar, like some sweet movie scene? Are there lessons from this simple story? I think there are, but if you haven’t figured them out, keep up with me as I bring you the Top 10 Creative Business Lessons From an Ancient Parable.

So what are these top 10 Creative Business Lessons From an Ancient Parable? Here they are:

  1. Every business has an owner. You are either the boss or the worker, in essence know your position and maintain your lane.
  2. Every business owner has a goal, a target and expectations from his investments and the resources he uses to get them accomplished. Can you name the target from the story? What were the resources and who were to use them? How were they used?
  3. Every business owner expects that those he employs help him meet his targets and scale his goals. Like honestly, why would you pay someone who doesn’t deliver results?
  4. Every business owner wants results not excuses. Results show that you are professional enough as you claim. Can a woman claim to be pregnant if there’s no baby in the womb?
  5. Business owners need to know the strength of their workers and team mates and delegate tasks based on that. Can you see this in the story? Not everyone received the same amount of fund, am I correct?
  6. Business is not always about collaborative effort, while this may work based on a particular job description yet if the boss says do it on your own and you mess up, you could get a query or out-of-the-door order – a termination of appointment. That’s awful you know.
  7. The success of one’s teammates do not necessarily add-up to one’s success. Be wise and prudent; maintain your lane and focus – self development is important.
  8. Don’t ever speak evil of your boss, not in the office not even in your bedroom. The walls have ears and it will travel than a harmattan fire. Ultimately, he will sense your gruff attitude by your body language and actions. That’s tacky and mucky. Yuck!
  9. Any resources, talents and gifts not put to use will depreciate or stay redundant. Make hay while the sun shines says the old wise idiom.
  10. Every task has a time frame, a goal and a reward attached to it and the successful completion of it.

And here comes the icing on the cake.

Every talent carrier has an expiry date, so use it while you’re fit to.

Does that sound like it? Share other lessons you got with us in the comment section after the post and feel free to use our share button; it’s just a click away.

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