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10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Nigerian Writers Make

Hello, welcome to another episode here, I am excited to talk about 10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Nigerian Writers Make and it’s an interesting topic. Luckily for me, I had some good exposure before deciding to get a website and dabble into creative blogging. I can also say I have had the privilege of having tech people around to guide me on a lot. Else, I should have made many of the mistakes which I want to talk about. However, I am also learning day-by-day since the information available on the net is overwhelming and can be frustrating sometimes but if we are diligent enough we can reap the rewards of doing it right. Please feel free to add your suggestions and opinion after reading, like I always say, we learn from each other. Thanks for being here.

So, what are the 10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Made by Nigerian Writers?

  1. Many times we think it’s just about being creative, you know, like you can write better than Chimamanda Adichie and of course that is possible. And so we think immediately we get a website or a blog, we will have everyone drooling after our beautiful creatives. I know we’re creative and optimistic and I do not chide us for that. On the contrary, such attitude will guarantee our staying power in this field because it’s a tough ride, I speak pragmatically.
  2. Choosing the wrong platform. We all remember Goggle pulling down Linda Ikeji’s blog sometimes in 2014, many of us thought that was mean or not. Maybe or maybe not but that’s what happens when you have a property but gives the caretaker the key, he can wake up one morning and choose to lock you out.I know getting free domain may sound like the easiest way to get started but it’s not the best way. Google (blogger) or WordPress free domain can wake up one day and get a report that your site is posting malicious contents and before a twinkle, all the efforts, all the contents you broke sweat to write just zap.

    You know how you will feel if that happens, like you will be singing “Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home.” sorry but there aren’t no chariot coming from anywhere. You will have to start all over again, no, you will have to sweat it over again or just give up on your blogging dreams which is so sad.

    So what is your sure bet? Take the pain and buy a domain and own the KEY. Any domain that has www.something.wordpress.com is not an option nor www.something.blogspot.com. The right domain should be www.seekerslocus.com. Notice the difference? It’s not www.seekerslocus.blogspot.com or www.seekerslocus.wordpress.com. The wordpress.com and blogspot.com attached to the main domain shows you don’t own it exclusively. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, get your own property with an exclusive right.

  3. I can exist on my own so no need to check on what others are doing. I understand this, and I have been there too. This happens when you’re trying to stay away from comparison but hey, it’s something you can’t avoid if you want to grow. it’s important that you check on other blogger’s in the same field, read one or two post, leave a comment or appraisal and maybe in your next blog post add an ad-joiner to what you read and link the website. This will not only foster camaraderie and rapport, it will help your back-link in Google optimization and ranking. This brings me to the next one.

    10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Nigerian Writers Make

    Blog logo

  4. Relationship default. Many think we’re in a competition but that’s the worst lie we can ever believe. When it comes to writing and art, trust me there’s never a competition because it’s inborn. If you’re a writer, you are a writer. All we can do is develop on the talent, add more experience and skill. So why the rat race when in the first place it’s a gift. As much as Chimamanda Adiche remains my writer model, I can never write like her. I might pick her wisdom and leverage on the artistic exposure of her novels  but our styles will be different and our experiences and presentation.
  5. Missing out on the digital frenzy. I have done a couple of post on understanding how the digital world and social media works. If you’re a writer and you don’t have an active social media account, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be particular, you are doing yourself a disservice. Agreed there’s a lot of distraction there but I trust you are more disciplined than to get carried away. Sometimes soon, I will share my personal tips on how to overcome the social media distraction for writers. But for now, just understand that if you don’t discipline yourself, you won’t have any content to give your fans and league. I think that keeps me on edge and it should do you too.
  6. You don’t market your content and when you do it’s to family and friends. Somehow, I am also guilty of this though a strategic plan is underway to curb it but then if you are counting on the efforts of family and friends to get your content out there, you’ll be in for a heartbreak. Not trying to sound off but ask yourself, how many of them even believe something worthwhile can come off your writing path. If this hadn’t worked for me, I doubt it will for anyone except your family and friends includes Soyinka, Achebe, Joke Silver, Chimamanda, if not you’re standing on the edge of a cliff…lol.
    10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Nigerian Writers Make
  7. No branding, no identity, no logo. Branding is everything, see my sisi Chimamanda and that her hairstyle. Have you noticed everyone calls it Chimamanda? Aha, what about identity? What’s your style, the style of your blog, the words that describes your blog personae otherwise called keywords? Your presentation style, tone and diction? You have to get these intact to push above the crowd. And hey get a logo for your blog. Use fiverr or inbox me, I have a handful of excellent designers as friends and I can help you with a discount. How about that?
  8. We don’t guest write. Many of us are guilty including me. It’s like this, we don’t know the impact of guest writing but it’s huge. I know typical Nigerian will be like, who e epp or is it going to bring money? E go help you ooo well well. At least I know it gives exposure and you could leave a link leading back to your blog or website. Now, if you write good, people who read your guest post will want to visit your website. Please I am available for this, you can hit me up via social media or email esther.okoloeze@gmail.com.
  9. Optimization. Many articles are on this but not written for writers exclusively. It is not a topic I can dissect on this post but you can read up Google Optimization for Writers made easy. It simply means adding important information on your blog or website to help Google know you and rank you better.
  10. We don’t read about digital or tech. I am dropping my pen after this one even though there are more. I will simply say, if you want to write for the Google generation, digital age, you better start caring about books on digital. The benefits are just too awesome, don’t live in ignorance, there’s more to digital for every writer than coding and tech. Who knows, you may become a creative writer on digital and sci-fi.

And there we have them, the 10 Common Blogging and Website Setup Mistakes Nigerian Writers Make. Don’t forget to drop your comments and share among your network. Thanks!

Written by
Esther Okoloeze
© SL Kreativez, 2017.

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