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Ads are such great publicity tool for a company or an organization and they come in different forms, from the glossy texts on magazines, the classic display on newspapers and of course, the different dimensions used in television ads. Okay, before I go on, we have to know that there are two different media on which ads run, that’s the traditional and new media.

Fortunately and not so unfortunately, television ads fall under the traditional media category. And one other thing, traditional media ads are quite expensive to run excluding the cost of shooting videos for television medium. The new media on one side is quite easier to run and very cost effective plus it has tremendous capacity to reach more people without limit to time and location, and need I say it takes your product and services right to those who need them if you do a proper audience research.

But I am not here to talk about Facebook ads and how they can help you reduce cost.


I am just so excited to share my knowledge with you as a consumer of television ads. This knowledge I have amassed from personal experience of over a decade. My first contact with ads I must say is the omo advert that aired on AIT, the one where the mama selling fish uses it to clean the stains off her cloth. Many others followed, inclusive of MTN yello ads, the one where the woman says, “Oga na fishy coss” and the one about lovers connected through MTN. Back to back too was the first Indomie ad, the one where they sang, “To me, to you, it’s up to us to make the world a better place.” These got me onto memory lane, what a colorful childhood I had.

Ads are just so powerful and when you get it right, you do not just win new patronage, you win a lifetime of memory created for your audience.

And it happened that recently one ad has got me jamming and even though I am not a subscriber to Airtel, their new ad is off the wire. It’s now a national anthem sort of thingy.
But why so much love for ads? What are the best ways to make ads that people can’t forget in a hurry, we’re about to unbox them now.

Musicals are Legendary

I don’t do statistics but as an ads consumer I can tell you musical is the right way to go if you want to sell an ad to someone like me. I started watching TV ads from around 2000 and so far, musicals are unforgettable. Let me show you an example. For kids like us who grew up with garri and beans, we only knew macaroni was part of rice, but something dramatic happened for us when the ad with the musical

To me, to you, it’s up to us to make the world a better place
A place where we can love, where we can learn, where we can live together in peace and harmony…

It’s over a decade now but that ad marked the scale up of the brand we know as Indomie today. Ask any provision store for Indomie and you will hear “Is it Indomie.” Want more, think of Mtn, Always, Mr Chef, Panadol Extra – oga na master, Chi Exotic and others. We the consumers love it when a song can tell the story and compel us to buy.05 WAYS TO MAKE TV ADS THE AFRO-AFRIK WAY

Storytelling is Irresistible

Gulder has it for storytelling, think back at “My friend Udeme” you remember that ad right. Even for does who don’t drink, we believe it was a great job at storytelling. Mtn ads do toll this line, like that sunshine ad, oga na fishy cost, Mama na boy, etc. Likewise the airtel ad also used two powerful tool of storytelling and music. If you think about it, you’ll find others. And yeah, Star ad, the one with Victor Uwaifo’s Joromi is a good example of ads that tell stories and make it pretty relatable.

Children and Women are strategic

Why do musicians with nothing to sing save heavy beats and women go on to become hit songs? Don’t go too far, in media, we know women and children, sometimes elderly people inclusive get more sympathy from the world because of their peculiarities. Children are helpless and vulnerable, women are… well let me not use the weaker sex cliché but that’s almost like it plus the other features, elderly people are just like children.

So creating an ad with this segment of the society in focus, you’ll have more views. But these are not standalone, they are just part of the larger framework using music and storytelling. Typical examples are beverages like Milo, Bornvita;detergents like Omo, Ariel and Harpic. What’s the common features of these?

Children get stains, mothers wash them, children need beverages to grow, mother makes them at breakfast. And yeah, I won’t forget “Don’t you wish your mama was sweet like mine…” oh yeah, what about “Mama do good ooo, e do good… she give us indomie” Women and children sell ads. You owe me for the light up.


Indigenous background is epic

Setting an ad in the way of the society or audience you wish it to appeal to is another viable option. Talking about indigenous background, using pidgin is just one way to go just like I do mine Mama do good. The use of pidgin has helped their brand reach the non-English speaking people of Ajegunle, Mushing, Warri, broadly speaking. Another way, is establishing a common scenario of what people aspire to, e.g, Peak, “Papilo, one day I know say you go make us proud…”

Cinematic appeal

Last on my list for now are ads that give us a cinematic appeal. These are ads that make us feel out of this world like the old Pepsi ad, the one with the song: we will, we will rock you. I hope I got the lyrics right? It’s got some much drama going on, same goes for World Cup 2014 hosted by South Africa with the theme song by Shakira… The video made up of dance, music and storytelling shook the nation’s.

That’s my list, one great thing is that you can pretty combine all to create a rich ad. Also, it doesn’t take much to make a great ad since the trends in technology have made these a lot easier plus these types of ads can also be used on mobile sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Shooting images for these platforms come easy and lastly, this list can work for you no matter the platform you choose.

So, over to you, which is your best on the list? Share with me.

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