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Sometimes I wonder how others are able to be innovative with their ideas. These are moments I take to mirror life and the interplay of everything happening around me. And like me, many just don’t understand how others sit to dream up worthwhile ideas, scalable innovations. Are you someone like that? Jump in let’s deal with it.

It’s important you see my post on 05 laws of absolute consistency before you continue here. If you haven’t read it, it will be a base for the information I’m about to give away.

How do you create lively ideas? I’ll rather start with the question, what are lively ideas?

Lively ideas are those ideas that when they pop on your mind make you go wow before you even conceptualize them. That was how I felt the day I got the revelation to turn my passion to a voice and better still make a business and a helpful forum out of it.

My mind literally sparkled as I felt a surge of creative juice spread behind my back muscles. When such ideas ferment into my mind, I just breathe deep into my lungs because they come on rare occasions.

Lively ideas are ideas that transports you to a realm of illusion but vivid illumination. It’s an illusion because well, it’s just beyond what you can comprehend. Like you ask yourself, am I really capable of dreaming up such sublime ideas, so lively, so magnificent, so amazeballs like my folks do say.

When ideas that look out of this earth filter into your creative membrane, you are on cloud 5k, you are in the league of the few folks that birth lively ideas.

But it doesn’t happen like big bang, it’s everything you have read in my laws of absolute consistency plus the next ideas I have to share in this post.05 WAYS TO CREATE LIVELY IDEAS

Learn to dream

Dreaming is one common characteristic of people of greatness. This is not the type you do when sleeping but rather when you are fully awake.

Your quiet moments of self intuition can be turned into dreams and one thing I have found out is that when I am just dreaming of how I want everything to turn out, other more noble ideas begin to slide in.

For me as a writer, I get inspiration for some of my articles when dreaming of something else most time, so unrelated. Dreaming can help your ideas come a little because for me dreaming is an act of curiosity and constant search for what’s better.03 WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE IN DIFFICULT TIMES

Work on mental conceptualization

Another way is through mental conceptualization as a result of deep thoughts. Ideas come when we’re in big thoughts looking for a solution to some tangled edges to a dream or so. While dreaming is passive, adventurous, conceptualization is active and pragmatic.

It’s like wanting to know how to make a half full cup overflow instead of what it would look like when it overflows. That’s the difference between the two – one is about finding a solution, the other centers on the joy of seeing the overflow but both are credible ways to create lively ideas.05 WAYS TO CREATE LIVELY IDEAS

Be curious enough to think awkwardly

When your curiosity has been sparked by the dreams, then another thing which can help you create lively ideas is your ability to think awkwardly. This is like getting your mind to think against common knowledge.

Everyone always think they know what your ideas should be, how you should go about working on them, well, if instead of having those awkward thinking you decide to go with their opinion, you’ll end up losing your half full cup.

Awkward thoughts are grounds for birthing innovative ideas – just imagine Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, I bet that these people were able to think against the norm and never let ‘advisers’ deter them on their path. If you must ride about these ‘advisers’ you must be an awkward thinker.05 WAYS TO CREATE LIVELY IDEAS

Build on images to create and form compound pictures in your mind.

Ever heard that a picture is a thousand unspoken words? Your ability to create images in your mind will make it a fertile field where bits of ideas drop from time to time. The more pictures you create, the more land you open up for wilder ideas.

When little ideas drop, don’t discard them. Instead begin to ruminate on that small idea, ask the ideas questions, trust me they can talk, ask them if they can become dynamites. You will notice that a bit of idea will open up to more dynamic ones. That’s how you grow your mind to be a factory of ideas incubation.05 WAYS TO CREATE LIVELY IDEAS

Always note ideas as they filter in per time

My advice to you is to get a note app and write inspirations as they come. At the time I wrote the first draft of this post, I used JotterPad at about 1am because I needed to capture all the inspiration I was getting. You need to house your ideas and don’t bother that they’re rough even the best books go through rewrites, edits and proofreads.

Your ideas today may be a diamond in the rough but if you continue to work at it through mental conceptualization, soon it’s going to be shinny like our logo with different angles and color sparkles.

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